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  • heart strings♥
    395K 8.4K 41

    A lonely little boy meets a cheerful girl that brightened his life. As their friendship grew stronger and their hearts grew closer, what would happen if they suddenly had to part? And after six long years reunited again? Read as their innocent love becomes more...

    591K 9.9K 11

    I'm back bitches, but this time; I'm bringing hell.

  • The Devil's Assistant (Watty Awards Finalist 2011)
    1.9M 38.2K 35

    Single mother Savannah thinks all of her prayers have been answered when she is offered a job at one of the largest media companies in the world. Desperate for money, she has no choice to accept but soon finds herself getting more than she bargained for. Her new boss is Mr Satani. A six foot god of a man who is the b...

  • Natures Soul
    201K 2K 33

    Aneh Jiwanna is an average straight-A student who never gets in trouble. She's a "member" of the cool group at her school. The Chosen. The people everyone looks up to. Except Aneh. Everyone thinks she's weird, which is a coincidence, because in Indonesian, her name means "weird". Everything was normal for this hair-dy...

  • Who Said I'm Innocent?
    1.3M 15.7K 27

    *****TAKEN DOWN! See first chapter***** Tori is as pure as they can get...She never had her first kiss...first boyfriend..or even her first date. So why is this 21 year beautiful college student still single? Why doesn't she want a boyfriend or a relationship? And what happens when she's finally forced into one? Now...

  • The Girl Who Ruled The School.
    202K 3K 10

    ***TAKEN DOWN See first chapter *** Meet Amber, who is she? A normal teenage girl who is nothing but trouble. After being kicked out of every private school she ever went to her father has no choice to send his deviously, trouble causing daughter to a public school. So what happen's when she beats up the school's ho...

  • A and D (PUBLISHED)
    41.3M 720K 51

    "He's a jock. I'm not. He's popular. I'm not. He's good-looking. I'm not. And have I mentioned that we're the best of friends? So he loves me... as a friend. Too bad, because I don't just love him. I'm in love with him." -Dakota Evans ____________ Dakota's sarcastic, Aaron isn't. Aaron's a morning person, Dakota most...

  • I had one word for him... JERK!
    11.2K 196 13

    Kristen was your normal, high school girl. Being she was the "it" girl, she was sweet, pretty and loved having a good time. However, the "it" guy named Jacob had always been the one she hated the most. Growing up they were close, but because of a huge event they grew apart and became enemies. Why? You'll soon find out...

  • Chasing Pavement
    758K 7.8K 27

    For all of her life, Lilith has been running. She ran from her imperfect home. She ran from her unloving father. She ran from the feeling that she harbored that begged for comfort. The only problem is that all of this running made her run towards the wrong arms. It caused her to do something that she will forever regr...

  • Slow Motion
    49.6K 1K 18

    Vivian sees ghosts. Vivian hears voices. Vivian is in very real danger. When her family moves to a new town and enrolls her in a special school for troubled teens, Vivian is forced to make new friends while dealing with a tragic family death and piecing together the cryptic messages left for her by the ghosts she see...

  • Wolf Runt
    741K 17K 30

    Do you know how it is to be a runt? You will. After a terrible accident that left an un named wolf alone and lost. She has little memory of her family and has grown no bigger than the average wolf. Living in a pack of shifters she learns to become the woman she is, if she can escape her own mind.

  • Mr. Dangerous
    352K 4.7K 17

    After getting kidnapped by an amazingly good-looking boy -named James King-; Layla Green finds herself getting sucked into dreadful predicaments that are caused by James and his gang. By joining James and his team, Layla will, not only have to put her well-being into danger in order to protect others,but she will also...

  • Crazy is the Name of My Game
    291K 4.9K 44

    A not-so-usual love story of a loud, nosy girl and a mysterious boy.

  • Fat in a Thin Body
    9.4K 120 8

    Nevaeh Shayanne Leigh has been bullied her entire life by the simple fact she was fat. Now, she makes a grand entrance in her school, the people are wowed by her beauty and her confidence. But what world has Nevaah entered? When drugs, booze, and boyfriends are more important then college, Nevaeh had entered a world f...

  • A Surreptitious Geek
    35.3K 530 16

    She walks around the halls. Trying to be unseen. But her eyes speak it all. She hides behind lockers, and walls too. She watches your every move in a blink of an eye. You spot her beauty, but she is already gone. But one thing you realized is, she, is a GEEK. Geeks. They are the lower-class of the pyramid. Though...

  • The Other Pack (completed)
    1.2M 9.8K 27

    This is a sample. The whole book can be found on Amazon. Thank you! Whitney has the perfect life. She's dating the quarterback of the football, her grades are through the roof, she has amazing friends, her popularity is skyrocketing and, oh yeah, she can now shift into the rare white wolf. Her life really couldn't get...

  • Dumped!
    11M 201K 35

    Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets Matthew Stewart, she can't help her cynicism. It's all too good to be true. However, she begins to warm up to the thoughts of happily ever after...

  • Bye, Bye Virginity
    27.5M 326K 28

    Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attempt to gain his acceptance she allows him to take the one thing every girl values most…her virginity. After that night, Damen constantly begins acceptin...

  • The Art of Mending a Broken Heart
    6.2M 123K 30

    When Jack gets suspended from school in the middle of his father's reelection as the mayor of Miami, his parents can't deal with his immature behavior anymore, so they send him to Chicago to live with his older sister. Jack is pissed that he has to spend his senior year starting over at a new school, so instead of goi...

  • He Hated Me That Much...It Left A Scar?
    615K 7.1K 26

    Haley was found when she was eight with a huge, unique scar on her arm. Passed out on the side of the high way, a couple found her and took her in. With no answers or clues to her past she wonders how she came to have it. When she moves back to Maine where here parents found her, little does she know she'll meet a bo...

  • Howl If You're Not Human
    35.3K 668 10

    Okay, so get this? Mom decides to up and move to Washington, to be closer to my dad. Thankyou, by the way, to the authour's of those wonderful parenting books she keeps reading. So I figure, what the hey, I'll make some new friends and reconnect with my dad, or something along those lines. I'll graduate, go to college...

  • Tame My Heart... Or Else
    10.5M 149K 44

    Liza has always been shy, afraid of being noticed. As a new school year starts though, she is forced to face unanswered questions. Why did all her friends move so suddenly? Who are all these people who seem to have taken over her school? And what are these rumors about wolves being spotted in the woods about... A stor...

  • The Model Next Door
    340K 4.2K 32

    Emilia moves to a new place, new apartment and a freedom she'd never experienced before. Gladly accepting the new change she sets out to be friends with the neighbors, except for the one next door... She is content and happy until an earth breaking tragedy enters her life...leaving Emilia shattered and to fend for he...

  • Discovering Rayne - [ ON HOLD FOR NOW ]
    25K 552 8

    Perfect image? Well honey, not anymore. Rayne Willows is the typically perfect golden girl. But truthfully? She's not. No one sees past the perfect image to discover who really Rayne is. How her parents and so called 'perfect' boyfriend abuse her. And how the many bracelets on her arms cover old scars and new cuts. No...

  • Return of the wolf ....only i'm not alone ON HOLD
    1.7M 18.5K 29

    Marli Deschanel was a normal sixteen year old before her friends rejected her and she fled to boarding school. One year later Marli's back ,trying to hide that she's now a werewolf. But now Marli's best friends want to talk....Theres a weirdly attractive IT crowd who rule the school and Marli's inexplicably drawn towa...

  • Beware of the football team....
    1.8M 26.7K 21

    'There's something weird about this school.'

  • On Hold
    136K 1.8K 26

    Do you have nothing better to do? Are you on hold for your bank? Waiting in line at the supermarket? Waiting in the bathroom of a party that you were forced to go to? WELLLLLL, then you found the right place to go to kill some times!! Four stories... on hold... for the time being...

  • Being Gorgeous (Being #1) rough draft, slowly being re-written. Warning-Many mistakes
    1.5M 15.9K 25

    Avery Willow thinks she's ugly... How could she not? When she has two siblings with undeniable beauty, Ones the Queen Bee of the school and the others the typical Football jock. Everything about Avery is plain if not hideous- well according to her horrible classmates who seem to get a thrill out of tormenting her dail...

  • My Dance Instructor's Assistant
    2M 34K 36

    Desiree Quinn is a student attending Trailmont High School. She's been trying since junior year to become a part of her school's dance team. And now that she is 18 years old, a senior, and with her last years enemy out of the way, can she finally join? She later finds out about a new hot teacher that will be assisting...