• The Words I Never Said
    18K 524

    Alex Night is your normal teenager who's part of a band that no one really ever listens to. He writes all their songs, and they're all inspired by one girl: Em...

  • The Way He's Not
    25.3M 246K

    Bad boys are unreliable, uncaring, arrogant, immature, disrespectful players with no care for laws, rules, guidelines or girls’ feelings, according to Jacey Co...

  • I 'Effin Love You Too (sequel to I 'Effin Love You)
    349K 3.6K

    It's been twelve years since we left off with our favorite characters, Summer and Jay. Their daughter, Grace, is now seventeen years old and has a boyfriend of...

  • I 'Effin Love You
    2.9M 22K

    Summer Day is a seventeen year old girl living in a small town who is tired of hearing her parents demand her to be like her perfect older sister, April. Her l...

  • Oh, It's On
    • justshinex
    • 18 Parts
    • Updated Jan 29, 2012 04:01AM
    2.9M 49.3K

    Stella’s not like most girls. She doesn’t spend her nights talking about cute boys or who she’s going out with next week. Cause really, what’s the point in tha...

  • The Games
    5K 174

    1,500 years had passed since the sadistic Hunger Games Act was legalized by President Caesar Snow. The 60th Quarter Quell has arrived, and nerves crossed all o...

  • The Heir
    11.6M 148K

    For as long as Jessica can remember, she wanted to be a part of a family. She has never had a home, always on the run. And all of a sudden, her wish came true...

  • Surviving the McLane Boys ('On Hold Still...')
    10M 102K

    Hailey's life has been pretty normal and trouble free so far. If you categorise growing up with your all-male neighbours trouble free... After coming back fro...

  • Their Paid Girl
    24.7M 321K

    Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple p...

  • The Bet (Just The Way You Are)
    45.4M 386K

    When Drake Swift lost in a bet, his best friend wanted him to court a girl in a month and ask her to be his girlfriend. After she said, "Yes", he will tell her...

  • The Hunger Games- What If's (Fan Fiction)
    111K 860

    Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Katniss Everdeen didn't go to save Peeta Mellark right away? Or what would have happened to Panem if Katniss...

  • Mr. Player, You've Just Been Played
    6.3M 68K

    While trying to get through high school, Carson has always noticed the same routine with Jesse - the school's 'player', as some like to say. He would leave cou...

  • The Hunger Games; Extended Epilouge
    • swangirl98
    • 10 Parts
    • Updated Aug 01, 2013 12:17AM
    160K 4.5K

    Okay, so this is kind of taking place right after Mockingjay, and every thing is as it was in the book except that Madge is alive, alright? It would mean so mu...

  • My Life with the Walter Boys [Wattpad Version]
    60.9M 1.1M

    Sixteen-year-old Jackie Howard knows nothing about her new guardian Katherine Walter when she moves from New York to Colorado. After discovering that Katherine...

  • hunger games- Katniss, Peeta and Gale's story
    18.6K 123

    16 year-old Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are forest in to the brutal Hunger Games. While Katniss's best Friend Gale is left back in District 12, with hea...

  • The Girl Who Wrote the Dating Manual
    2M 26K

  • Peeta's Story (Catching Fire)
    12.7K 25

  • The Hunger Games ~ Peeta's POV
    • swangirl98
    • 20 Parts
    • Updated Jan 03, 2012 12:49AM
    127K 834

    This story is about the Hunger Games, but it's from Peeta's point of view, so you really should read it if you're a Peeta fan. I really appreciate your support...

  • Peeta's Story- The Hunger Games
    2.9M 17.4K

    Thanks to my editors... check out their works! Izzy (bellabooily1997) Lizzy (MySweetSunshine) Since Suzanne Collins wrote from Katniss's point of view, I deci...

  • Gale's Story ~On Hold!~
    • swim-dora
    • 25 Parts
    • Updated Dec 29, 2013 08:23PM
    62.7K 460

    When Gale's best friend Katniss Everdeen has to compete in the Hunger Games, a competition of life or death he has to continue life while he watches the love o...