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  • The Mummy - O'Connell's love story
    28.6K 680 19

    Sophie Carnahan is the sister of Jonathan and Evelyn Carnahan After the death of Sophie's parents, Sophie decides to continue with her fathers work and become an archaeologist. Fearless, dedicated, hard worker, and passionate. Sophie will have to return home after being away for so long. Where Sophie and her siblings...

  • The Mummy Returns - O'Connell's Love Story (On Hold)
    3.6K 119 11

    Sophie and Rick are back! Now married and with a kid, together they go exploring as archaeologist living a normal life, but Sophie ask Rick to go on one more adventure where she think the famous bracelet of Anubis may be after obsessing to know if the bracelet is really a myth or not. What they don't know is that thi...

  • My Possessive Billionaire
    79M 1.8M 36

    Sophia will do anything to escape an arranged marriage to the arrogant billionaire, Enrique Monteiro, but he has more control than she knows. ***** Enrique Monteiro, a powerful Brazilian billionaire, has gotten everything he wanted in life. He has l...

  • The Girl He Never Noticed
    219M 6.8M 92

    When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again? ***** When Jade Collins goes to work for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis, all she thi...

  • His [The Cellar sequel]
    5.5M 129K 16

    After escaping from police custody, Clover tries to piece his life back together. Determined to return to home and be reunited with his family, he has to first elude the country wide man hunt. Will he be able to resist his old ways in order to remain undetected? After hearing that Colin has escaped, Summer and Becca p...

  • Forgive or Forget You SAMPLE
    1.5M 37.5K 29

    "I didn't know this type of heartbreak existed." "It was pure torture to know the man I pictured spending the rest of my life with had moved on." Newly-wed couple, Christopher and Charlotte Rivers, were expecting their first baby, and they couldn't be any happier. It was meant to be the best moment in their lives. It...

    Completed   Mature
  • Queen of Spades (House of Cards Series 1) [Student/Teacher Relationship]
    12.3M 220K 44

    {For those who HATE student/teacher stories, TRY THIS ONE ANYWAYS. I dare you to read it and say it was a waste of time} Alice 'Ace' Spade had fled her horrible foster family by the time she was sixteen and found a way to survive by dancing in a sleazy strip club. One night a man named Malcolm is brought in by his fri...

  • The Shy Girl Has a Gun
    42.6M 1.1M 49

    Faith Mitchell was never confident. She was happy to blend into the background, much to the protest of her friends. At 16, her life was a normal teenage cliche. She was in love with Jace, the obnoxious player who she couldn't have, and her biggest worry was whether or not he would finally come to his senses and see th...

  • A Baker (Beauty and the Beast)
    186K 7.3K 19

    Belle is poor. Her father always seems to be working and her mother always has a loaf of bread in the oven to sell but they still don't know how they'll survive until the next week. With her sister's spending every penny that they have, she knows she needs to do something and fast. Belle doesn't know it yet but one w...

  • Every Beauty Deserves a Beast
    4.4M 76.1K 22

    Lieutenant Ray Hodges was a beast of a man. In fact, he was known as 'Beast' around the Air Force base and over the last ten years of hard work he had earned the name. He lived and breathed the Air Force... but that life came to a screeching halt when he found himself close to dead and shipped back to his hometown by...

  • "Beauty and the Beast"
    629K 18.9K 26

    OK so this is the classic story written my way. Adam is cursed and is is searching for a way to break the spell. Faith is looking for a place where she belongs. And naturally their paths intertwine and thier fates are bound together.

  • Those Pretty Blind Eyes
    2M 67.2K 75

    Playing a tune that I knew since I was a child. I expertly pressed the key correctly, not a single mistake. The beautiful sound coming from the grand piano echos in the room, it feels like it was taking me to another world where I can only imagine. Closing my eyes because that's the only thing that I can do. "I love...

  • Beloved Beast
    2M 64.1K 65

    This novel is an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. "There are darker things than the night." Blind since birth, Elle Duncan has only ever known darkness, but lack of sight has not hindered her ability to perceive the beauty of the world. Her kind and gentle soul are put to the test when her father sustains an injur...

  • The Outlaw (Outlander Fanfiction With A Twist)
    87.1K 1.7K 38

    Diana is Claire's long lost younger sister . After a very long time Diana gets a clue to Claire's whereabouts following the path that Claire has before. She goes back in time to a land covered in green and unfortunately blood of the innocent "He was the one that attacked first aiming for my stomach. I dodged it and f...

  • Highlands ( #PGP2020)
    106K 7.5K 45

    Trailer en el Cap. 6 ; Gracias por 106 K :) Tras perder todo lo que conocía Aylin se ve obligada a irse a vivir con su tío. Pero pronto deberá dejar su querida Inglaterra para transladarse a una tierra hostil, llena de rebeldes qu...

  • Outlander: The Standing Stones
    65.7K 1.4K 37

    Irina is an American archaeologist on vacation in Scotland. She discovers there is a ring of stones (called a menhir, if you care to learn about such things) outside of town, so she decides to go and explore. What she finds delights her, not only a henge (a stone ring) but remains of tomb mounds and she spends a happy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pasión en las higlands
    35.3K 2.6K 26


  • Tough Love
    360K 17.2K 21

    I wanted a baby. I really, wanted to have a baby.. Actually it wasn't an option right now, considering my super hot boyfriend knocked me up... I was going to have a baby. I just had to tell him... Need to tell him. Enter the problem. My step daughter. I loved her. She hated me. Absolutely normal. She was daddy's lit...

  • Needing You - Sequel to Wanting You
    2.4M 49.6K 43

    I left him. I never thought in a million years I would be the one to walk, but I was. I left the man I was madly in love with, I had no idea where I was even going to go, but I couldn't care less. I walked out and left him, left him standing there looking like I had slapped him across the face. I couldn't stay, only t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding Love through Pain - a student/teacher romance
    696K 21.5K 24

    I remember everything. I remember being at the beach, being so happy in that moment that nothing else mattered, playing football, driving back home and laughing with Jake. My one and only brother. My best friend who was always there for me. The one boy in my life who would never ever let me down, had never let me down...

    Completed   Mature
  • Living With A Police Officer *Completed*
    6.9M 101K 42

    Harmony Kingston has been through more in her short life, then anyone good ever image going through. She's a homeless delinquent, always getting into trouble. When Harmony robs a drug story at the legal age of eighteen she finds herself behind bars, giving her plenty of free time to remember her past. Drew Edwards i...

  • Borgata - Book II #wattys2016
    10.5M 417K 40

    VENDETTA SERIES TRAILER: ***NOTE: This is Book 2 of the Vendetta series. I recommend that you read Omertà before this book so that you have a gist of what's going on. However, this is a prequel, meaning this story happened before Omertà, and CAN be read on its own! :) ** ...

  • Loving You Later
    1.3M 38K 41

    Lily Marsden. Fun loving and trying to forget the past... Or better yet remember it. Alex Stevens. Hard working and trying to forget his past... Or better yet remember it. One drunken night of fun takes an unexpected turn when these two create something neither of them planned on making. Can they try and piece their...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cursed
    62.1K 3.2K 49

    A blind girl and the asshole down the road go on a road trip because a crazy witch told them to. [Extended summary inside!]

  • Love, Cancer & Me [ON HOLD]
    873K 12.4K 22

    At ten years old Darcy Silver was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. After undergoing seven years in remission Darcy is informed of the widespread of cancer. At 17 years-old now, she has to start chemotherapy once again but her hope has wavered and her strength is questionable. She knows her fate is written in the...

  • The voice of an abused girl
    222K 6.6K 43

    People say that her voice could bring tears to your eyes, that it could leave you in a state of complete aw. But does she realize it? No. Does she see what people really think of her, how beautiful she is, how funny and adorable she is when she's trying to her hide her laugh? No. All she see's or hears, is what her fa...

  • Mine (Published in eBook) AmazonKindle, iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble
    758K 31.6K 31

    FIRST FOUR SAMPLE CHAPTERS ONLY. For most wolves packs are a family unit. They always have a safe place to stay and a friendly face to turn to. For Charlotte Anderson, packs represented everything she didn't want in her life. After living away at college...

  • Finally Saved
    17M 79.1K 11

    Libby Ashford is finally free of her living nightmare. On the run from her father, she and her mother move to a new town to start fresh and forget their past. Easier said than done. Starting at her new school, Libby already runs into trouble when she feels an intense connection to the school's resident bad boy. Nicho...

  • Silent Luna
    18.6M 567K 55

    **This is not the full version of the book. It was published and the full version is now on Amazon or Kindle.** Grace is not your typical werewolf. Being taken at age eight, she endured most torture and pain that any one person should be able to bear. But when one night's chaos allows her to escape, will she really st...

  • Fighting the Alpha
    722K 28.6K 26

    PaisleyViking re-publishes her very first book written on a previous account. First published in 2013, Fighting the Alpha was in the Top Ten in Wattpad's Werewolf Category in 2013 and 2014. At the time of transfer from @Secret_Rider's account, Fighting the Alpha has more than 4.9 million reads and 129 thousand...

    Completed   Mature