• Two Thousand Years | The Empire Saga (Book One) #Wattys2016
    • druidrose
    • 57 Parts
    • Updated Jul 20, 2016 02:58AM
    9.8K 1.4K

    "In the beginning, there was the cold and the night..." Two thousand years ago, the Prophecy of Fire and Light foretold the coming of the Queen Empress wh...

  • For the Damned
    42.6K 4.7K

    When Kol Bennett is found after eighteen months of being missing, everyone is expecting her to name the monster who took her. The only problem is that she ca...

  • Deal of a Scorpion
    • masheena
    • 6 Parts
    • Updated Jul 21, 2016 08:19PM
    337 44

    Once the light of a dead star ceases to reach the planet Umbera, anyone born under that star's constellation will die. There is one cure: the mineral named Eth...

  • Stolen Minds
    • MulanJiang
    • 26 Parts
    • Updated May 28, 2016 01:47AM
    19.7K 1.7K

    One girl, one choice, and a thousand lives at stake. In a world where one's eye color and corresponding level of magic dictates their caste, a tyrant King wit...

  • Dare Me to Live #Wattys2016
    • RedasNight
    • 31 Parts
    • Updated Jul 16, 2016 02:58AM
    3.2K 614

    "I'm the reason my best friend is dead." College is a time to start from scratch, to start over, to find yourself. Dash, who survived a car crash her best fri...

  • Champions and Heroes |The Chosen One Competition|
    • 27 Parts
    • Updated Jul 23, 2016 12:57AM
    16K 1.2K

    Want your book to be the next big Fantasy or SciFi novel on Wattpad? Want a chance to win some awesome prizes? You might be the Chosen One, sent down from t...

  • Once Upon Now
    • target
    • 3 Parts
    • Updated Apr 20, 2016 06:17PM
    47.5K 1.2K

    Do you love writing and sharing your stories on Wattpad? Do you have a wild imagination and tales to tell? Do you wish you could be a published author-and have...

  • The Pairing
    19.7K 695

    To be Exemplian is an honor. The privilege: You never die. The burden: You never die. As the Protectors and Guides of human energy-souls-across all worlds...

  • 2136 - A Post Apocalyptic Novel [Featured Story] [#Wattys2016]
    432K 33.5K

    Highest ranking #2 (02/13/2016) in Science Fiction. [Featured Story] - 01/07/2016 The year 2136 was supposed to be a good year-a great year. The year those s...

  • The Messiah [Book 1] [#WATTYS2016]
    111K 5.9K

    Athena has no one. Orphaned at the tender age of twelve, she doesn't want anything to do with the Color War; a decades long war being waged between the viciou...

  • The Hall of Games [The Celestial Chronicles #1]
    521K 35.8K

    *completed* *Wattpad featured story* *2015 WATTY AWARD WINNER* A chance encounter with a mysterious wizard at a magic show spells more than just a broken cu...

  • Uglies
    2.8M 69.3K

    Everybody gets to be supermodel gorgeous. What could be wrong with that? Tally is about to turn sixteen, and she can't wait. Not for her license -- for turnin...

  • Absolute Knowledge
    2.2K 256

    The year is 2146. The most valuable commodity? Thoughts. As humans, we have anywhere between 50,000-75,000 thoughts per day, and each one has value. The Centra...

  • Asylum: The Shattered Frontier
    • W_James
    • 20 Parts
    • Updated Apr 03, 2016 08:49PM
    2.8K 362

    "There was no denying it. Rein was alone, staring into the grey horizon of the world that made no sense. Again." Time is at a stand-still. The sun is set in...

  • The Sky Beneath Us (on hold)
    6.7K 323

    At 14:26, the world flipped. Some people fell into the sky. Others hit their head on the ceiling, now their only solid ground. Avery Greenwood finds himself ca...

  • Unplugged: The New World (#1, Unplugged Trilogy)
    17.1K 1.5K

    Choose to Rebel. RScreens (Reality Screens) are all the rage in America's future, just a few years after the climax of World War III. They were invented f...

  • The Kitten & The Cloud {FEATURED}
    33K 2.3K

    THE KITTEN & THE CLOUD is the story of seventeen-year-old Raine Tripp, a tenacious redhead who's been on her own in a post-apocalyptic, demon infested NYC for...

  • Project: Yggdrasil [#Wattys2016]
    • IceRequiem
    • 38 Parts
    • Updated Jul 22, 2016 06:41PM
    7.6K 1K

    Morrighan didn't survive a colossal assault on her home just to roll over and play dead. As a genetically engineered soldier, she has a unique skill which she...

  • Colonized
    7.4K 877

    Ten countries. Ten planets. Twenty teenagers. A reality show- starring them. From New America: Twix Velasquez and Jace Blackstone. One girl, one boy. Twix, wh...

  • Breeder Nation (#Wattys2016)
    809K 43.7K

    Living in a world where the human race is dying off faster than it can reproduce, sixteen year old Maddie Ryan has started her period, an almost guaranteed sig...

  • Find Violet Hyde: Secrets In Space (#Wattys2016)
    18.6K 1K

    FEATURED & COMPLETE When otherworldly Ship Masters arrive Violet seizes her chance to explore outside the walls of the Farm. A planet nestled in the stars is w...

  • Space Ships, Plagues, Dystopia, Oh My!(A Science Fiction Book Club)
    • RedasNight
    • 24 Parts
    • Updated Jul 19, 2016 12:06AM
    2.9K 131

    Open [X] 4 Spots Available! Closed [] This is a Science Fiction Book Club for writers who love all things Sci-fi. It focuses on only one genre in order to max...

  • 1945
    9.1K 969

    Marlene Schulz never intended to live a double life. She was quiet, kept her opinions to herself, and remained optimistic in the midst of a violent and hellish...

  • Dreamers- Book 1- Electric Series
    4.2K 577

    Pippa White is an girl from the year 2015. Bellamy Jezebel is a not so ordinary guy from the year 3046. How did they meet each other? In their dreams. Literall...

  • Angel of Fire - the Breath of Immortality - Book One #Wattys2014
    1M 43.3K

    The name's Chaos. Chaos Killbourne to be exact. People call me reckless, but they're wrong. I'm more like the perfect storm. Destroy an entire city with a sing...

  • Glitches (Book 1)
    93.3K 8.4K

    NOW A FEATURED STORY! Your parents don't exist. Your friends don't exist. Your school doesn't exist. Your life doesn't exist. They are all just computer codes...

  • The Girl From Above (Complete)
    42.3K 4K

    For decades, the city of Amity has been buried under an endless haze of fog. Thousands live beneath the fog line, while the wealthy few reside above in Sky Tow...

  • A Quest of Heroes (Book #1 in the Sorcerer's Ring)
    1.1M 23.4K

    “A breathtaking new epic fantasy series. Morgan Rice does it again! This magical saga reminds me of the best of J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, Rick Riordan...

  • Random Number ✓ (Teen Dystopian)
    148K 7.2K

    Every year, one hundred fifty citizens of Tabitudo are chosen as sacrifices to contain the world's overflowing population, selected only by the random tattooed...

  • Mutant 74 (R-1200 #1)
    • KDLohr
    • 46 Parts
    • Updated May 25, 2016 02:45PM
    159K 12.8K

    A post-apocalyptic adventure with heartbreak, multiple paths, and mutants. ~~~ They were frozen; left to awake a century later while humanity evacuated int...