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  • Kidnap My Heart
    9.9M 270K 47

    Emma van der Bilt is clever, snarky, and spoiled rotten. William Knight is cocky, impatient, and slightly dimwitted. So how exactly did Will manage to kidnap Emma and her best friend twice and live to talk about it? *** "What the hell-" I screeched. "Good morning, sunshine." I looked up in alarm and saw the smirking...

  • Idiot For Hire [On Hold]
    140K 4.3K 12

    Hire the idiot, they said. It will be fun, they said. Adriana Martella is impulsive, bratty, and miserable. Nathan Byers is good-looking, charismatic, and cheerful. Adriana feels trapped in a life she doesn't want, but Nathan seems to think he's the answer to all of her problems, including her need for a replacement...

  • Wicked Game
    408K 9.5K 40

    Written when I was twelve. Approach with caution. Extreme caution. Or just don't approach at all. Yes, do not approach at all. Rachel Anderson and Adam Hart were best friends since they could walk. But when a horrible lie separated the two, they were both heartbroken. They finally reunite when Rachel finally starts h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Paid Girl
    25.6M 355K 47

    Shawna Roberts is the girl that every guy turns to when they need a fake date, a fake girlfriend, a fake fling to make some other girl jealous, a fake couple photo to send to their parents... Shawna's pretty much seen it all. But no matter what they pay her for, everything she does has one common factor: it's all fake...

  • Elevator Music
    2.5M 60.6K 33

    What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with Hollywood's hottest sensation? Well, you certainly wouldn't fight with him over baseball, like Addie Clark would... Elevator Music is a story about coming-of-age, love, and acceptance. It follows Addie Clark, a compulsive liar who pushes everyone away from her...

  • Shakespeare, Coupons, and Duct Tape: The Life of a College Student.
    861K 13.4K 21

    A somewhat normal college student decides to stay in a house with six other students: Leon the dramatic pretty boy. Minnie the extreme couponing Philosophy major. Kayla the fashion diva who drinks way too much Starbucks. Ricardo the mature Psychology major. JC the dancing maniac with too cute dimples. Then finally Cha...

  • A Pirates Kiss (1st Adventure Watty Awards 2011)
    7.4M 205K 35

    It is Dangerous to deal with Pirates. Circe's Father has always told her so. So when a mysterious shadowy figure with gold and silver eyes appears on her balcony and attemptes to steal her away the first thing that she wonders is why? Why does this mysterious stranger seem to know her more than she knows herself with...

  • Once Upon a Taxi (ON HOLD)
    7M 85K 20

    A Taxi. A New Job. A Forgotten Enemy. That’s how it started—or re-started to be exact. Valerie Summers, a twenty-two year old full of secrets, just wanted to forget everything bad that’s ever happened in her life, and she was almost successful until He re-entered her life. Christian Reyes is back, but his time h...

  • Miracle at the Museum of Broken Hearts
    1.2M 15.1K 13

    Does every relationship deserve a second chance? When chief romantic Rose Delaney scores her dream job at London's quirkiest new attraction, The Museum of Broken Hearts, she thinks she's got it made. Sure, it's a little depressing dealing with relics of failed relationships each day, but Rose is determined not to let...

  • Taken Away
    895 19 5

    A young boy gets the chance to save the world, Please read

  • Teacup Rebel
    585 17 3

    The story is set in a world where countries have been disbanded. It is a world without belonging, without religion, and without culture. The council rules, and the council members are the ultimate ambassadors of democracy and peace, except for Chibis. Chibis look like humans and speak likes ones, but they could fit in...

  • The Poolman
    134K 2.4K 21

    I was going to be a freshman at UCLA and I was ready for the time of my life. I didn’t know what life had in store for me. If I had, I just might have stayed back home.

  • Dancing with Deception
    620K 16.7K 17

    In this spin off sequal to the Last Dance, Talia, a Lady in every sense of the word, begins training at the Queen's Shield Academy for Lady Knights upon the insistance of her mother, a woman determined to seat her daughter upon the throne. But after a disasterous first impression will Talia be caught in her dance of d...

  • Before the Darkest Storm
    3.1M 58.9K 28

    After four years Anastasia returns home to find that the boy she once knew was no longer there. In his place stands a cold, arrogant, mysterious man. His flawless looks, and billionaire statues is enough to make him every girl's dream, be he quickly becomes Anastasia's worst nightmare. As push comes to shove, Anastasi...

  • Don't Be Afraid
    1.4M 16.6K 30

    Rule #1: Never be alone, have someone always with you, no matter where you are. Rule #2: Don't acknowledged their presence or you'll give them the satisfaction of them scaring you. Rule #3: Always, and I mean Always have a crucifix with you no matter where you are. Rule #4: Pray every night, every day, when you e...