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  • Songs of the Season
    3.3K 535 33

    [ YA Romance ] [ wattys2017 ] There are two things Aria adores: singing and Peter. At Rockwell High, she can't have one without the other. But Peter is her choir's star tenor and he's attached at the hip to Cadence, a senior who apparently has it all-a voice that can turn heads, parents who can pull strings, a loyal e...

  • Before the Day Is Done
    3.4K 326 62

    The Seven were Mari's entire world, and they always would be. At least, that's what Mari had believed. They kept her hidden away, with only themselves for company, but one day they all left. When they came back, everything changed. Mari was thrust into a world of cities, castles, kingdoms, and kings, and none of it ma...

  • The Tavern at the Corner of the Multiverse (An Edgewise tale)
    282 46 1

    The story that started it all. First featured in Tevun Krus's Punk Wars issue on @ooorah the characters of Edgewise make their grand debut. Hi-jinks and Hilarity ensue.

  • The Dragons of Kalda
    4.2K 633 48

    When best friends, Millie and Astrid stumbled upon an old chest containing clues to a hidden treasure, they never counted on it leading them to the enchanted world of Kalda where magic is real and dragons once ruled the land. Nor did they ever imagine that their found treasure could be the doom for both Kalda and our...

  • Bumble {The Novel}
    2.7K 255 6

    Penny Hale has a lot of items on her checklist before she leaves for college at the end of the summer. The sudden and unexpected return of her childhood, imaginary best friend is not one of them. As it turns out, Leander, Prince of Bees wasn't so imaginary and the beloved town of Sugar Falls is in very real danger. On...

  • Last Stop Till Christmas
    219 35 2

    When Doctor Dorothy Sinclair, co-director of acquisitions for a New York museum, boarded a train from Calgary, she expected to be home to Findlay, Ohio for Christmas. With her beau in Findlay, waiting to propose, Dr. Sinclair is confronted with a strange proposition from her co-director and colleague - leave the museu...

  • During the Midnight Hour
    1.2K 79 44

    Twenty years was enough time for old wounds to heal. That was the idea behind the renegotiations, but that was none of her business. Cyra had her job, protect the princess as they went to collect the delegate from Vialya. She didn't expect it to be the Iron Queen's son himself, Prince Vitalis. What was he, heir to the...

  • A Modern Girl's Guide to Necromancy
    992 97 6

    Perrie McPhee reluctantly attends the funeral of her Great Aunt Agnes only to accidentally bring the deceased back to life.

  • The Beauty of Revenge {COMPLETE} WATTYS 2017!
    2K 295 19

    Honor. Sword Fights. Passion. Revenge. Camilla Montisto is determined to master them all. ***COMPLETE*** In the province of Lunia in the country of Aibeera, Camilla Montisto has resolved to exact her revenge upon the man who killed her mother. She spends her time researching and sparring with her father, the C...