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  • Crimson Red
    555 20 1

    What is a person? And what is the mind? What is the mind capable of? This short story is about a girl who experiences the darker sides of the human mind. Whether it ends well for her or not, you ask? That, you have to find out for yourself.

  • The Thief's Revenge
    1.4M 17.9K 52

    Hopefully this story will not fall apart AGAIN...

  • Book One: Dreamscapes Of Relativity
    22.3K 691 14

    This is one of *those* stories I suppose. Full of adventure, fantasy, romance and all the usual... well not yet anyways. But it will do. But in other ways its not. This is realistic. Ever wondered in fantasy/adventure why they never go to the loo? Or why they never brush their teeth? Or even why when the evil bad guy...

  • Push
    46.2K 616 18

    "Push" is a softcore social science fiction novel centering on the life of Ryan Fuller, a teenager with a troubled past who awakens to an extraordinary ability. Through a series of fateful events, Ryan was able to escape his horrible life in favor of one on his own, eventually settling in Boston and beginning anew. Li...