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  • Feeding Frenzy (Watty Award Winner)
    143K 1.6K 21

    *Watty Winner* & *Featured Story* WITCHES - NECROMANCERS - INAPPROPRIATE TABLE MANNERS. The three-hundred-year-old town of Loon Lake looks calm as a pond, but below the surface, clans of witches and wizards clash like hungry sharks. First-year student Tonya isn't privy to her family's darkest secrets, but when campus...

  • True Love's Ghost
    4M 198K 52

    Heaven and Earth collide in the number #1 Wattpad hit 'True Love's Ghost'. "Before we came to Wentworth, my life seemed pretty ordinary. I didn't see dead boys. I wasn't in love with one, and any drama was of the regular kind..." When Angeline meets handsome Tom one afternoon in the derelict wing of a stately home, sh...

  • The Crying Garden
    403K 20.7K 46

    Its bad enough to be uprooted but to be planted in an old house in the mountains with a grave hidden in the hollyhocks is a bit much. Stacy Williams wants to go back home-- back to the beach, the palm trees and her friends. With doors slamming shut, voices downstairs, fingers tapping on rain-streaked windows, she has...

  • A Witch Hunter's Trust
    2.1K 225 14

    Eighty years after the Witch War resulted in victory over magic, people have long forgotten the heroes of the war: the witch hunters. Living on the fringes of society once again, the hunters continue to fulfill their thankless destined duty. But grudges still run deep for the defeated, and the final score has not been...

  • Lights Out
    1.6K 174 1

    A series of strange disappearances take place in a city park in the wee hours of the morning. When a man determined to solve them, stakes out the park, he comes face to face with the unthinkable truth. Flash fiction. 1388 words. **Completed

  • THE MOUNTAIN MIST - book 3
    106K 9.9K 41

    Surely the spirits of the dead will leave Stacy alone now; she helped them out--risked her life... it's over, she can heal. But in the expanse of rolling pasture, in the autumn mist, there are far away horses and a pioneer girl waiting hopelessly at the bridge... BOOK THREE/ A Stacy and Matt Novel

  • The Magpie Effect - The Magpie Chronicles Book 1 (#Wattys2015)
    138K 9K 42

    When seventeen-year-old necromancer Sapphire Sweetman befriends the spirit of Mona Delaney, she thinks all of her problems have been solved. Mona proves to be very useful when it comes to propelling her up the social ladder at school and dishing out haunting - and sometimes frighteningly cruel - punishments to those t...

  • Ghosts on the Mountain - Sequel to The Crying Garden
    110K 9.1K 30

    Stacy likes an adventure --at least she thinks she does, and Matt knows the way to the abandoned old mine up on the mountain -- KEEP OUT, NO TRESPASSING, DANGER-- AREA CLOSED...HAUNTED. The nice old lady down the road disappeared last winter and Bill Hendricks looks a little creepy leaning on that shovel. No one will...