• An Enthralling Love Affair: The Restricted Chapters
    • AmyNJohnson93
    • 3 parts
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    In order to keep my story An Enthralling Love Affair PG13, here is where I will post all Rated R Chapters from that story. This is obviously going to contain *...

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  • A Forbidden Romance
    • CameoLover93
    • 25 parts
    • Updated 4 months ago
    18.4K 482

    Seventeen year old David Turner has it all in life. He's smart, handsome, and incredibly talented. Some would say he's the perfect catch. All the girls want hi...

  • An Enthralling Love Affair: Book 1 |(Completed)
    • AmyNJohnson93
    • 71 parts
    1.1M 27.1K

    This story is participating in the 2015 Watty's + Harlequin's SYTYCW 2015 Contest. While reading PLEASE show some love to the story by voting, commenting, and...

  • Short Bits: Naughty or Nice?
    • AmyNJohnson93
    • 11 parts
    • Updated 2 months ago
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    Short, sexy, and romantic stories that aren't for the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk. Copyright © 2015, Amy N. Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

  • CameoLover's Junk Pile (Completed)
    • CameoLover93
    • 9 parts
    17.2K 120

    My stories that I consider to be shit, reside here. Rather then deleting them completely from my profile, in which, would upset the fans whom actually like t...

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  • Love You Forever (The Restricted Chapters)
    • KatherineArlene
    • 7 parts
    130K 1.4K

    These are the juicy bits that can't be in the PG-13 version of Love You Forever (A Sequel to Stolen Hearts). If you don't want to read sex scenes, don't read...

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  • Enticing Him
    • vovnix
    • 15 parts
    2.9M 37.2K

    [Warning! This story includes extreme mature content, MUST FAN TO READ AS MOST CHAPTERS ARE PRIVATE. >>Private chapters have been moved to 'Restricted Chapters...

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  • The Book Club (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
    • KanyeInterruptedMe
    • 12 parts
    3.4M 70K

    [Edited Version] “We only read erotica,” Fiona said with a straight face. “Come again?” I asked, clutching my copy of Jane Eyre to my chest. I suddenly felt li...

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