• An Enthralling Love Affair: The Restricted Chapters
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    In order to keep my story An Enthralling Love Affair PG13, here is where I will post all Rated R Chapters from that story. This is obviously going to contain *...

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  • CameoLover's Junk Pile (Completed)
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    My stories that I consider to be shit, reside here. Rather then deleting them completely from my profile, in which, would upset the fans whom actually like t...

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  • Short Bits: Naughty or Nice?
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    Short, sexy, and romantic stories that aren't for the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk. Copyright © 2015, Amy N. Johnson. All Rights Reserved.

  • Love You Forever (The Restricted Chapters)
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    These are the juicy bits that can't be in the PG-13 version of Love You Forever (A Sequel to Stolen Hearts). If you don't want to read sex scenes, don't read...

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  • Enticing Him
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    [Warning! This story includes extreme mature content, MUST FAN TO READ AS MOST CHAPTERS ARE PRIVATE. >>Private chapters have been moved to 'Restricted Chapters...

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  • The Book Club (18+ Only) [COMPLETED]
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    [Edited Version] “We only read erotica,” Fiona said with a straight face. “Come again?” I asked, clutching my copy of Jane Eyre to my chest. I suddenly felt li...

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  • Lusting for Lisa
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    CAUTION MATURE ADULT SITUATIONS, STRONG SEXUAL GIRLXGIRL SCENES, and HARDCORE ACTION: Longing to find love Missy exposes herself to multiple sexual trails. Th...

  • Taming His Beast
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    Previously: Seducing The Bad Boy (WARNING: Sexual Content) "Do you really think you can beat me at my own game?" Angelo growled, running his tongue along...

  • Restricted Scenes
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  • Poison Paradise (R Rated)
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    Emile James has been known as Toxic for the last four years she's worked as the King's assassin -- her methods are strange, sexual and completely 100% effectiv...