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  • WAIT! He's real?! [Available in Paperback Now!]
    1.9M 17.8K 23

    This is Avery's story. Her friends have challenged her to get a boyfriend. She failed. Instead of admitting her failure, she made up a boyfriend. Garrett Cross. He is perfect and everyone is dying to meet her new man. After a month of chaos and lies and pretending to be him, she meets the real Garrett when he is trans...

  • What happened in the closet ch.2-20
    8.2K 56 4

    Sam has her boyfriend Rob,popular,totally hot, bad kisser, and worries about himself a lot. So when Sam goes to Kent's wild Party she gets drunk And ends up in a closet with Blake Mitchell the second hottest guy in the school. He's sort of got the bad reputation in the school will Sam make changes and go with Blake...