allenlau's Reading List

  • September Capital
    7.6K 108

    September Capital is a fictional story that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the world of venture capital investment. It follows young venture capitalist Skip...

  • The Duck
    15.2K 500

    K-8 lives in the future, where the environment has been devastated, and human beings are now clones. And her fondest dream is to see a duck, for real, and not...

  • Seasons
    1.6K 58

    With time, all things change. You can't speed it up. You can't slow it down. For those of us caught in the gentle stream of time, then, what are we to make of...

  • Tree of Life
    2.1M 19.3K

    You are now reading Books I and II in a combined format. They are presented here as a single volume. Book I is about a thirteen year old boy's journey into...

  • The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home
    1.2M 13.7K

    Okie's fifteen. She lives in New York. She's got a few problems: she's failing geography, her dad's a wimp, and her mother, Sumatra, is a stone cold bitch. But...

  • Armand Ptolemy and the Golden Aleph
    1.4K 15

    This is a sampler of the full book ARMAND PTOLEMY AND THE GOLDEN ALEPH. More info and links to the full book can be found here: When...

  • Thriller Suite: New Poems
    374K 2.2K

    In Thriller Suite -- appearing serially for the first time on Wattpad -- Margaret Atwood has gathered these new poems inspired by her long history as a reader...

  • My Wattpad Love (Being published)
    41.2M 1.1M

    (Published on Amazon and Kindle) Julie has always been the shy type. Her world changes when she finds wattpad, a very popular ebook community. She becomes addi...

  • A Gift in the Dark
    309K 3.3K

    An award winning collection of paranormal, horror and fantasy short stories woven around old legends, odd characters and the darkness within. There are thin...

    6.2K 188

    Science Fiction / Alternative History - His life's work complete, Dr Marvin Ledbetter leaves the known universe and journeys backwards through time. But where...

  • M.A.I.D.S. [season 1]
    765K 7.7K

    [season 1] In the near-future, mankind succeeds at curing A.I.D.S. However, something much worse fills the void, changing the world forever...this is the firs...

  • Spiritual Networking
    1.7M 5.7K

    Millie lives on the Internet. Her world is made up of binary numbers and Internet tabs. Paul is a Social Networking Pastor who helps bring those, that prefer t...

  • Sally: Autumn Storms (F&L Story #4)
    1.4M 20.8K

    Sally Sanborn, who insists she can do almost anything a man can do, stamps down her pride and advertises for full-time help on her chicken farm. Up shows Wils...

  • Sage: Take the Risk (F&L Story #3)
    521K 8.2K

    Sage and Carey have only one thing in common. They've survived their cancer treatments once again...oh! And a tiny, white lie that is proving difficult to ke...

  • Eve: Drink Of Me (F&L Story #2)
    704K 10.3K

    Companion story to Emma and Michael. Eve, the precocious roommate of Emma, cares very much for her younger brother, Carey. Against her better judgment, Clint...

  • Emma: Friends and Lovers (F&L Story #1)
    1.8M 7.4K

    Michael and Emma -- best friends forever... Until the two friends crossed the platonic barrier and became intimate. Fast forward five years, and they are reu...

  • Chocolate Umbrella
    • EvaLau
    • 17 Parts
    • Updated Nov 02, 2012 01:31PM
    103K 979

    Alena and Emile were college sweethearts. After graduation, they started their career, made their success and got married. Is this the "happily ever after" e...