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  • Aethernea : Soulbound [Book 1]
    540K 57.3K 163

    [Best Fantasy Story Winner at Fiction Awards 2016] In a world where everyone can use magic, Kiel is a non-mage - until he makes a deal that would change his life forever. A deal that ultimately pulls him into a web of lies, ancient riddles, and fatal secrets, where one wrong step could bring his untimely demise. Blur...

  • The Lost Waterbender (Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfiction)
    239K 9.3K 43

    Badger doesn't know who she is. As far as she knows, she's just an unimportant orphan from the Fire Nation. But when she becomes an enemy of the country for reasons unbeknownst to her, she takes refuge with some unexpected allies. Little does she know how crazy her life is about to become, or how many surprises she'l...

  • ~Naruto Fanfic~ What is wrong with these freaks from Hell *cough* I mean Konoha
    722K 23.6K 39

    Himura Akemi was training to be a priestess. At least she was before her entire village plus her family decided to give her the boot at age 7. She then becomes a nomad wandering around the 5 Great Shinobi Nations. She's met lots of interesting people and learned a lot of skills. But because of her secluded village and...

  • Berry Twins (Naruto Fanfiction) (COMPLETE BOOK) (EDIT MODE)
    88.3K 4.6K 27

    Naruto Fanfiction. Book One. Strawberries and blueberries!! Yummy huh?! Oooh yes.... This story is about the strangest twins ever. They're the total opposites of each other, and are likely to have only a few common behaviors. Velvet is noisy, loud, clumsy, silly, hard-headed, impolite, lazy and is a MUSIC LOVER. The...

  • The Siblings
    198K 7.9K 16

    Raised by dragons and Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tailed Dragon Kuronuma, Naoto steps for the first time into the human realm. LATEST UPDATE: I am doing a sequel, as some of you readers requested. It's called 'The Elders' and I wasn't planning to write it, but the idea just appeared out of thin air.

  • Living With The Biggest Knuckle Headed Ninja! (Naruto Fan Fic)
    561K 19.1K 58

    Harmony Akako lost her parents when she was eight years old. Don't worry, it wasn't because her family was "powerful" or had a gekki genkai. Far from it since they just owned a family restaurant. From hearing stories about the Leaf Village's ninjas she decided to go there after she lost her parents. Now she lives wit...

  • She's Not That Troublesome [EDITING]
    111K 3K 10

    A cool new student arrives at Konohagakure's Academy. She appears smooth to everyone at sight and gets placed into Team 10 under Asuma Sarutobi. She fits in perfectly as one of the team's strongest and smartest members alongside Shikamaru Nara, who has a hopeless crush on the girl. Will they end up together as a duo o...

  • Might Guy's Daughter
    72.1K 2.2K 11

    Have you ever wondered what would Guy sensei had a child? Well unknown to everyone in Konoha, with the exception of Guy and Kakashi, he has a single child. Where has she been? How will Lee handle not being the center of Guy sensi's world anymore? How will she react to being brought to Konoha? Was her mother drunk when...

  • Maki Hatake (Naruto FanFic)
    530K 18.3K 40

    Kakashi Hatake. Son of the infamous White Fang. Brother of Mikio Hatake. When Kakashi's dad committed suicide, with no mother, Kakashi and Mikio were all alone. They grew up their separate ways, never crossing paths, staying out of each other's way. But when Mikio and his wife are killed by the Akatsuki, Their little...

  • Kakashi's Adopted Daughter
    323K 11.3K 24

    Anyone want to know what the life of Kakashi adopted daughter would be like? Well her name is Rika and she got kicked out of her village when she was only 6 and she ended up at the Hidden Leaf Village. Kakashi takes her in as his own daughter. Here is her story.

  • You Thought Wrong!!! (Kiba x Shikamaru x Choji x Shino x Neji x OC)
    130K 5.5K 45

    This is a story about a 'Boy'. 'His' name is Rabu Nyx. 'He' is a fairly quiet ninja who has never spoken a word to anyone since 'he' turned up into the village. But something is a bit fishy about 'him'....

  • The Akira Files
    1.8M 65K 68

    A young girl fleeing her home land stumbles upon the Hidden leaf village. She incidentally teams up with Team 7 after being 'recruited'. The catch; she has to keep her real gender a secret in order to remain safe. (There is a sequel available on my profile) Highest Ranking #195 in Fanfiction: Dec 24, 2017 Originally...

  • The Different One (Naruto Fan Fiction)
    516K 20.7K 40

    Hibiki Tsukino was never one to make friends. She has run all her life and wondered why she stays alive. She came up with four reasons; four reasons to live. When she is found by a Konoha ninja and forced to stay there as a genin, what will happen? What if she meets her reasons again? Will she be able to find more rea...

  • Sleeping Dragon (Naruto Fanfic)
    478K 15.8K 30

    Suki katsureki was a misunderstood child, the only one who stood by her was her sister maki. Suki was a burden to her village, they feared and abuse her. Her father was one of the worst, he would starve and torture her for days on end. Suki's village was hidden from the world, they had secrets and powers beyond what a...

  • The Akira Files Book 2
    382K 19.4K 44

    Takes place after You think I'm a Guy? Akira is sent on a dangerous mission by Danzo, but she's not alone. With chunin Chie, chunin Hachiro and Sai, a mysterious boy under Danzo's command she will travel the map in search of something that may not exist and something that could be the only thing saving her from death...

  • Matsumoto's Party (Bleach Fanfiction) [Completed]
    194K 3.2K 21

    Matsumoto has a party and invites you to it. It's going great, and after many drinks, Matsumoto comes up with a game for you all to play. Read on to see how the party goes! ReaderXCharacter (This is for girls. I will try to make one of these for guys as well, but that won't be made until I'm done this one.)

  • Invisible- A Naruto Fanfiction
    804K 32K 43

    Ayaka Hara has been on her own since her parents left her at the age of five. Being a small, quiet girl, people began to take advantage of her weakness and bully her, even Naruto Uzamaki, a boy hated by the whole village. When assigned to Team Seven, along with Naruto, the class clown, Sasuke Uchiha, the class heart-t...