AfterP_BeforeR's Reading List

  • The Compromised Duchess
    1.2M 16.7K

    Sixteen year old Lady Laurel Abbington discovers passion and desire in the arms of two men- Lord Giles Rosehaven, a dashing young marquis in whose arms she fee...

  • How Boys Speak
    1M 50.8K

    Let’s just say that this is a collection of prank calls, one night stand confessions as well as personal text and Facebook messages. These are 5 random, weird...

  • The Praesuls: The Devil Hounds
    73.3K 871

    Elizabeth Knowles is scared of nothing except a wolf that haunted her for three years. After the odd event in the very quiet town in Canada, the wolves vanishe...

  • Little Miracles
    4.1K 267

    The meeting between bored and sharp tongued girl Sarah and hostile and grumpy young tea addict Pax (who lives in IKEA) begins an epicly mundane and random adve...

  • Stones of Rhiadon
    6.6K 289

    Rhiadon is a land of Elves. Be they the High Elves in their lavish palaces and cities to the North, the Wood Elves of the forests and glades of the east, or ev...

  • Dream On - The Dreams of a Crazy Teenager
    4.9K 167

    It all started with a crazy teenage girl. Everyone knew she was crazy, and they loved her for it. No one, however, realized just how crazy she was until she...

  • Enclose Me
    15.8K 546

    Imagine being afraid to leave the wall. What if you couldn't look in a mirror? What if when you were five... you saw the monsters behind you while your reflect...

  • The Key of Kilenya
    1.1M 2.4K

    We all have a choice—but we can’t choose the consequences. Jacob Clark is chased down a path that takes him to another world—a world where he is a wanted youn...

    62.1K 956

    SONG OF POWER is the beginning of not just a fantasy trilogy, but a whole new world. In the future I plan to add various side-stories, backgrounds, and other...

    1.7K 24

    In a country like India where a wrong word can get you beaten up and politicians play God. Anne's a typical kid.. trying her best not to get bogged down by typ...