• Evil
    58.3K 2.1K

    You know that group of people in school that everyone fears? Popular. Beautiful. The in-crowd? That was my family. Kind of. We were above that group. We held...

  • Mine
    695K 29.6K

    Charlotte always dreamt of the day she would find her mate and have the eternal happiness wolves gloated about. She dreamt of the first connection, the first t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finally! (now published, so sample only)
    932K 20.3K

    Nathanial Miles and Adelaide Winston had been best friends since they were ten years old. They may have been as different as chalk and cheese but they were alw...

  • Chasing Red ✔ (COMPLETED)
    102M 3.1M

    (COMPLETED STORY) I'm the last thing she wants in her life. She keeps expecting me to disappoint her, to leave, but I'm here to stay. She owns me. It's as sim...

  • I'll Protect You (Wattys 2015)
    6M 232K

    Whoever wished they could live the life of royalty deserved a punch in the face. Meet Park Sparrow, a feisty, sarcastic, and reckless outcast who's just a sm...

  • So Bad (So Series #1)
    173K 8.4K

    (Romance/General Fiction/New Adult Fiction) In a world filled with greed, violence, and pleasure, Lincoln Clement stood near the top-heartless, merciless, and...

  • Loving Bad (Sample of Published Book)
    22.3M 569K

    The good girl falls for the bad boy. But what if there is more to Sin Carter than a bad attitude, tattoos and piercings? And what if there is more to Taylor...

  • Wings of a Feather
    46.8K 1.5K

    If Heather has learned anything in her seventeen years of life, it's that things don't always go as planned. For instance, she never planned on her parents be...

  • Sexy CEO's
    10.1K 453

    Amelia is a single mother working for a man who loves her. What happens when another business man steps in his way of winning her heart? Not to mention the ma...

  • The Client (18+ Only) [COMPLETED] #Wattys2014
    13.4M 260K

    Reed frowned, his eyes filled with confusion when he saw that Lena seemed to be fine. "I heard a scream," he announced stiffly, standing awkwardly over Lena's...

    Completed   Mature
  • Awakening to Life
    9.6M 69.2K

    Everyone dies... someday and somehow. Alison Redding is not your normal teenage girl - although she is pretty talented at pretending she is. Alison is dying...

  • Nerd Of The Year ( Published )
    10.7M 282K

    Who is a nerd ?? A person who is a bookworm ? Someone who wears big glasses ?? A loner ??? Meet Neveah Gail Huber, nerd of the school. She is not the usual...

  • Hidden Queen Book 1 Sample
    1M 16K

    Coming into a new pack can be hard, but it's even harder when you're keeping secrets. As far as our kind knows, all the royal family has been wiped out in one...

  • Haven's Knight (Sample of Published Book)
    6.7M 243K

    When I was a little girl, I believed in fairy tales. I believed in princes and princesses and knights in shining armor. I believed in forever and happily ever...

  • Alpha - Forever Book 1 (Sample of Published Book)
    30.3M 817K

    Seventeen-year-old Scarlett Hayes is living her life by her own rules. Losing her parents at a young age has made her strong and fiercely independent. She kn...

  • Xavier (Watty's 2016)
    • Dreamerse
    • 36 Parts
    • Updated Aug 29, 2016 03:26PM
    7.7M 257K

    "Close your eyes." he croaked, I did as I was told without any disobedience. "Have you any idea how badly I want to kiss you right now?" I shook my head in rep...

  • Wolf Chase
    1.3M 34.1K

    Incerpt: Massie wondered how she hadn't seen him, this dude was a monster. His golden eyes glared at her in annoyance and his full pink lips formed a tight lin...

  • The Devil Wears Playboy Boxers
    686K 12.8K

    When a girl gets a complete makeover the hot guy is suppose to start liking her. Not Forrest Take, he merely said "nice outfit" and walked right pass me. I gu...

  • Insatiable
    • Czarcsm
    • 18 Parts
    • Updated Jun 23, 2016 05:09PM
    183K 4.8K

    * WARNING: There is a significant amount of sexual activity within this story, please be wary of the explicit content * Elise brought a hand across his face...

  • Infinite
    • JayChapman
    • 47 Parts
    • Updated Mar 09, 2016 05:35AM
    129K 6K

    Tormented, bullied and neglected her whole life, Jackie knew what it was like to feel pain. What she hadn't expected - at all - was to be tossed aside by the w...

  • College Kids And Champagne
    13.9K 608

    In a big California city, there lives a girl, a quirky, spirited college coed named Nikki Davenport. A year ago, Nikki’s life was changed forever when she coll...

  • Wingless and Beautiful
    843K 31.8K

    Allisson Harley felt like she snapped right of a thriller novel. The sixteen year old beauty was far from perfect. She was a victim of domestic violence that...

  • Werewolf Committee
    24.2M 598K

    Every year a student is chosen to get a scholarship to graduate at the official Werewolf Committee. No one gets to meet or even see the high society wolves unl...

  • My arranged marriage to a cocky...Hot Alpha (Complete)
    3.3M 56.5K

    Beverly Rachel McAdams the typical fresh out of high school girl. She lives with her single mother, and cannot afford to go to college or university. One day s...

  • Can't Buy Me Love
    122K 4.4K

    Marina is to outsiders an over indulged child, but she lives a sad and lonely life never fitting in anywhere. And with all her father's wealth, she finds that...

  • Exposed
    2.7M 45.1K

    What happens when you go from being an ordinary city girl to the girlfriend of a superstar? After an article goes viral, revealing Sky Atkin as the girlfriend...

  • I'm forever yours
    350K 12.2K

    "Another little gold digger, escort this young lady out Carl, make for sure she doesn't come back." He turned towards her scanning her from the top of her hea...

  • Spare me Dear Alpha
    2.7M 57.5K

    Emily- Emily is described as the most beautiful person in the world. She is often referred to as a Goddess. She has eyes that one can easily get lost in. She i...

  • The Bachelor's Housekeeper
    • PrettyH6
    • 17 Parts
    • Updated Jun 04, 2015 01:25PM
    301K 5.6K

  • Abducted By My Mate(s)?!
    2M 52K

    "You feel the pull just like we do Sophie." He said leaning down and feeling his large warm hand up my thigh. My breath hitched at his touch. I made no move to...