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  • Fixed And Broken
    314 22 2

    Annette has always had a crush on Tom Spencer, her best friend. Only when he finds a date, does she realise that love is a dangerous game... By AMW aka xmcmagiqx or xmcmagiqx

  • Baby Lee 33
    13.2K 613 15

    Lee and Amy were engaged, live together in there own house, and have the endless support of several friends. Things couldn't be better for the happy couple. But their relationship takes a turn down a different road when they discover that Amy's pregnant, and Lee is the father. Of course, the couple still have their su...

  • The Struggle for Sqampy
    14.4K 423 20

    Sqaishey and Stampy are two successful YouTubers, whose lives cross paths in an unexpected way. They become friends quickly, but is there something stronger forming between the two? Together, they journey through their young adult lives, adventure after adventure. It's YouTube that brought them together, but will it b...

  • The Cat, the Duck, and Maddie
    2.1K 99 11

    Maddie is a fourteen year old girl in London, England. Her life is terrible, maybe even worth not living anymore. Until a man, also known as Stampy Cat, and his girlfriend, Sqaishey Quack, come into her life. They take her in, and help her truly experience a life worth living. But with all of the stress of trying to m...

  • Castles and Knights (On Hold)
    3.3K 197 25

    #JBKBOOKS Thank You for taking your time reading our book. We are so glad that we have more than 3k reads A fanfic about Lee and Amy. Don't take this as a real story! It is a fun fan fiction for entertainment

  • Sqaishey and Stampy: Forgotten Feelings
    182K 2.9K 46

  • The Book of Sqampy
    87.5K 1.8K 27

    This is the book of how the absolutely perfect couple, Stampy and Sqaishey aka Sqampy, met and fell in love in real life. Join the two lovers through ups, downs, 360° twists, and a bit of betrayal, anger, and confessions along the way. This isn't your average love story. You've been warned.

  • Love In The Lovely World
    72.7K 1.9K 77

    The story of a game of truth or dare that was meant to be. 2 people kiss creating a romance, but will it work out? Not your average love story. Stick around for the ride

  • For the Love of Netty
    11.4K 401 16

    When Netty, Stampy's sister, moved into his world, she has few friends, doesn't fit in, and is so shy it's hard for her to meet people. But when she meets Tom, Squid's brother, they just click together like magnets, and become instant friends. As time goes slowly by, the two get closer and closer until secret feelings...

  • Memories Forgotten
    52.3K 1.5K 67

    Sequel To Love In The Lovely World When hit the target declares war on the world, there best chance of survival is to get the bow master, Nettyplays, on there side. Netty had forgotten all of her memories of Her husband Tom and newborn son Alexander. The 2 leaders of the world plead with him.... He is the only one w...

  • Randomnessnessness when I'm board.
    6K 788 199

    So I will update when I'm board and it will most likely be very random and silly. I would like to thank Ace_Gamer_3 for not being mad at me for kinda using her idea so I am basically going to be giving her one massive shout out in this book. #Randomnessnessness Amy out