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  • TodoDeku :: Entangled Disasters
    214K 7.4K 31

    Male Omegas are a rare sight and highly revered amung the nobles. It is believed that they produce superior offspring. So, when Emperor Enji Todoroki spots a green-haired, male Omega, the first unclaimed one seen in his kingdom in over seven years, he has to take him for his masterpiece of a son, unknowingly starting...

  • TodoDeku Omega
    130K 2.6K 14

    Todoroki an alpha and Midoria an omega. Going to UA is a lot harder now... What will happen? There are also no villains in this story so you don't have to worry about them. This book is finished

    Completed   Mature
  • 3 Alphas and their Omega
    205K 5.3K 16

    Izuku, an Omega, attends UA with his other Alpha, Beta, and Omega friends, being the only Omega in his class though he has tough times. But three of his hero's swoop him off his feet and show him their love. ⚠️ My Hero Academia does not belong to me!! Nor do characters, pictures, ect. ⚠️ Okay, there's like a bit of...

  • The Cursed Alpha
    260K 9K 57

    Izuku Midoriya is an omega with a very unique quirk and an even rarer ability. Katsuski Bakugou is an Alpha with a very explosive personality and a hidden ancestry. Can these two balance the other out? or will it explode in their face? Book 1 Notable rankings: #1 on Omegaverse Oct. 13, 2020! Thank you!! 🤗🥂🎉🎊 #2...

  • _Todobakudeku Smut And Story_
    162K 2.3K 9

    this is a story were Bakugo is a alpha, Todoroki is a beta and deku is an omega. The first part of the story takes place a week before deku goes into heat. They are also already in a relationship . . ⚠️ WARNINGS ⚠️ SMUT, FLUF, TOYS, GAY (obviously) ETC. enjoy~

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Timing
    482K 16.6K 39

    ❤️Omegaverse❤️ 💕KiriBakuDeku💕 Class 1-A had just graduated! They were finally going to start their careers as pro heroes. For Izuku Midoriya, an omega masquerading as a beta, it was the happiest time of his life. Until he gets called into a mission with some old classmates and they run into a familiar face. Izuku's...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Omega
    602K 12.9K 26

    A bakudeku love story {OmegaVerse} ~Discontinued~

  • Bakudeku Omegaverse
    685K 17.5K 46

    Dekus' mum died when he was three years old. How will his dad handle finding out he's an omega. warning- mentions of abuse, homophobia, neglect, and suicidal thoughts Highest ranks: #1 bitchmight #1 omegadeku #1 opizuku #1 alphabakugo #1 kirikami #1 jiromomo #1 abusivehisashi #1 katsudeku

  • Villain omega Deku X Alpha bakugou
    36.1K 789 6

    Deku had been caught and taken back to UA since he had been giving a second choice in his villain life since he had such a good opportunity when he was first given All for one. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STRONG LANGUAGE :3 The pictures aren't my art!!!

  • Overwhelming alpha todoroki x omega Deku x alpha bakugou
    19.5K 240 6

    This is a story where Deku goes into heat and bakugou gives him to todoroki becouse he thinks he has more self control but bakugou keeps on bugging todoroki after Deku had a heat and finds out he has never been around someone in heat before so he divides to stay with them will Deku be safe with two alphas around and...