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  • The Last Town
    1.3K 190 12

    A young man and his mother move halfway across the country to escape his abusive step-father. With his mother's new dream-job at a tech firm, their new life together is off to a great start... But they soon learn that dreams are often too good to be true. Isolated in a new town with no one to trust, they must dig up...

  • Adultescence: a novella
    24 2 9

    "An addiction to a beloved story can be as exhilarating--and as debilitating--as any chemical dependency." Nobody knows this better than Natheny Baruwal, a 26-year-old computer programmer and the ultimate disgruntled fan. When famed movie director Frank Castle releases his worse-than-horrible prequel, the aspiring sc...

  • Blue Collar Immortal
    363 9 9

    On the eve of retirement, working stiff John Henry Munroe, and everyone in the world learns of a new technology: consciousness migration. The consciousness is moved, not copied, to a brainbox which is then installed in an android body giving, more or less immortality. Amid the debate and the hysteria regarding this ne...

  • Starfang: Claw of the Clan
    149 7 13

    After recovering from her harrowing ordeal, Captain Francesca Min Yue is on the hunt once more. Keen on revenge for the death of her beloved crew and pack-mate, she is not going to roll over and play dead. However, Yeung Leung, long-time enemy and leader of the Amber Eyes, still eludes the captain's claws. Will France...

    Completed   Mature
  • Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel
    1.6K 174 54

    If you think artificial intelligence is dangerous, then you don't know the real threat to humanity's future... Luna Valencia is the founder of the hottest artificial intelligence startup in history. She's about to become incredibly rich and powerful. But just when she's about to take her company public, her world b...

    3.6K 277 28

    D'Spayr, the EARLY YEARS ... nearly two decades before meeting the Sorcerer-Princess Nygeia and before encountering the Traveler In Red, a young journeyman Knight named D'Spayr encounters a dangerous secret sect, battles against an angel-like rogue alien with a sinister plan, encounters mercenaries from the Emperium's...

  • SCORPIO RISING (serialized mystery)
    181 1 75

    Scorpio Rising (New Age noir) In the space of one hour, three strangers die violent deaths. A hit-and-run vehicle kills a dot-com millionaire jogging in San Francisco. A car bomb obliterates the team leader of a government counter-terrorism project in Los Alamos, New Mexico. An assailant ambushes a New York heiress w...

  • Black Thread - Hēi Xiàn (黑线) (Cellphone Novel)
    235 0 73

    A cowardly man has been forced to serve and a bitter and abusive older woman. A dark and mysterious woman with powers beyond comprehension, she seeks something almost unobtainable. What kind of path will these two walk? What kind of pain awaits them? What kind of fate brings them together or will this fate drive t...

  • VISITOR 1 Scaffy Wagon
    1.1K 143 13

    Specialist astronaut Evelyn Slater encounters a badly damaged, ancient alien artefact on the first ever space junk elimination mission. A security clampdown is imposed by the USA, Russian and European governments. Evelyn leads a team of hand-picked scientists who make amazing discoveries within the alien device. Se...

  • This Other Earth
    84 3 10

    My Young Adult science fiction novel "This Other Earth" takes place over the course of a sweltering summer in Detroit and its suburbs in 2016. And 1967. The novel follows two boys just graduated from high school, Tim Spiro and Danny Malone, as they struggle to become more appealing to girls via the pheromone of a m...

  • The Red Chilli
    172 1 2

    Bowden: A small town in rural Queensland - divided by two powerhouse drug lords. Known only as The Red Chilli and Carmen, these two charming drug pushers have their markings imprinted all throughout the small community where cocaine is their currency. Here we introduce our hero. A young high school student named Jac...

  • The 32
    346 30 1

    A sci-fi short story. Quinn has been waiting for this day to come for twenty years. Join him in his search for truth in the dizzying heights of New London. [Audiobook to follow]

  • Ten Months of Pregnancy in Twenty Minutes
    397 29 12

    This short story is about pregnancy. In here you won't find the "what to expect" week by week prognosis but rather just an easy breezy take on one of the most insane experiences of your life. All pregnancies are different but here's my opinion (and hopefully some educational tidbits) about these ten months. Yes, I...

  • Jack Archer: Days of past future
    110 18 2

    Jack Archer is a detective living 50 years in the far future of London in 2015. Down on his luck, private detective Jack Archer is given a case by Space Satellite Magnate Sir Nicholas Exloqii to find his missing daughter Amelia. Is it a simple case of a missing rouge heiress or are deeper forces as work? Archer invest...

  • Spiral Jungle - CANTO 2: Chamber of Dreams (Featured Story)
    11.8K 175 22

    SPIRAL JUNGLE is a time-hopping sci-fi novel from the Black Sand Chronicles. In 'Canto 2: Chamber of Dreams' of "Spiral Jungle" mnemonic voyager Estrella Kuemanu is diving into the past, going back to the 19th and 20th centuries in search of remnant clues to the future of humanity. Her son Kama, or KBoy as h...

  • The Solution
    7.1K 659 47

    It's 'Ready Player One' meets 'Interstellar'! Chon Lai is my name. Xen Lai is my brother. And with a little help from our friends, our family is responsible for the greatest accomplishment in human history. This is our story. In China's future, two brothers settle their differences and fulfil their family's...

  • Star Pressed
    10K 953 32

    When orphaned siblings Andra and Grunge are abducted from the landfill site they call home, they are pressed into service on the HMS Ghandi with three teenage aliens where they form a surrogate family in an unfair universe. LOST IN SPACE meets GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY....a love letter to space faring #ScienceFiction.

  • Astra Zartraxx: Humorous Space Adventurer
    267 40 6

    Astra Tooren Zartraxx felt good. Why bother going to the other end of the universe if you weren't going to have some fun? He casually flipped his zapper into his back-holster and grinned, and there was a lot to be said for that grin. It was the kind of grin that defined a man or, indeed, his whole lifestyle. 'Look at...

  • This Week in Crime History
    2.4K 252 68

    Why is modern culture so fearful of crime, but also fascinated by it? Why do the details of a gruesome murder, rape, or other heinous crime hold our attention? For years, psychologists and criminologists have tried to answer these questions, but thus far no one has been able to come up with a solid explanation. We are...

  • Guanjo
    24.3K 1.4K 34

    BRILLIANTLY CONCEIVED! CREEPY AND COMPELLING! A PERILOUS ADVENTURE ON AN ALIEN WORLD John E. Boyd, hyper-curious graduate student, depressed human being, daringly explores the vast unknown by pursuing Guanjo's lost tribe - last emigrant team to leave the city-Earth. On his epic journey into space, he encount...

  • SETI - The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Book I
    19 0 4

    Seventeen year old Sam Alexander has a mission: to finish his dead father's crusade to locate deep-space radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. He uses his powerful computer and radio equipment to search the electromagnetic spectrum for a message from deep space, and finds one. But when he shares his disco...

  • Scrambled Eggs
    931 228 78

    Update after 36 poems (12-8-15): "Scrambled Eggs" is continuing to grow. Quick, bite-sized portions. At times, emotionally deep. Other times, simply quirky. --- Update after 24 poems (10-21-15): Finally made it to 24 poems. True to the title of this ongoing poetry collection, the subject matter is all over the pla...

  • I Want to Believe
    198 10 3

    FBI agents Scully and Mulder investigate the disappearance of a young girl, while Sherlock searches for an old friend. When Sherlock, Watson, and the agents finally see each other, they meet the Doctor, (a human-like alien with two hearts) and his companions, the Ponds. Just as they find the blue box (a TARDIS, as he...

  • "The Torturess" (Short)
    80 4 1

    The Holy Scriptures tell us that, in the cycle of time now past, our people conquered theirs with our superior weapons and intellects. The same texts tell us that in the current cycle, we shall conquer them again. Yet although I consider myself to be a man of faith, I have come to question whether we can ever claim...

  • Phoenix Free
    137 3 2

    The far future. Humanity has scattered throughout the stars across thousands of colonies and nomadic fleets. The enigmatic Captain Ora Rayder commands the pirate vessel Phoenix, leading a crew of disparate men and women who prescribe to one doctrine and one doctrine alone: you deserve only what you can take. When a s...

  • Pearl
    317 44 13

    Pearl is as passionate as she is wild. When she and her family fall into a trap and her family's ruthlessly slaughtered, she's taken captive and held in an alien world where everything's hostile and different. Even the water is poison. Adrienne, the other, is lost. Her dream to make something of herself has become hol...

    4.5K 676 5

    [Rewriting constantly] Zahra Tristan is a homeless fifteen year old Alchemist, surviving on the streets of Avalon in the modern magical society of the 84th Century. Seth Tristan is a normal fifteen year old teenager with a backpack as his home, travelling around the world with his father. One day, Zahra was led out...

  • Short Stories
    859 51 9

    A collection of my short, comedic fiction. Welcome! Thanks to _daunicorn for the excellent cover!

  • Treasure * Contest Winner*
    967 96 1

    ***** Winner of Future Library contest conducted by Margaret Atwood, Katie Paterson and Future Library Project. ******** "Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install A lovely bookshelf on the wall" - Roald Dahl. Old grandparents are out on a motive to teach some values to their bratty grandchildre...

    227 36 25

    Onesto is young male of 19 years old who lives in the holy City Eleamis the largest city in Zanar. Unaware of the horrible past before and a little after he was born, Onesto lived his life happily with his father Isreal. But soon after on a adventure with his friends Damascus and Eden,he gift with a unique power to ex...