• Astra Zartraxx: Humorous Space Adventurer
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    Astra Tooren Zartraxx felt good. Why bother going to the other end of the universe if you weren't going to have some fun? He casually flipped his zapper into h...

  • This Week in Crime History
    • mikeb63
    • 43 Parts
    • Updated 6 days ago
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    Why is modern culture so fearful of crime, but also fascinated by it? Why do the details of a gruesome murder, rape, or other heinous crime hold our attention...

  • Guanjo
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    BRILLIANTLY CONCEIVED! CREEPY AND COMPELLING! HIS MISSION NOW IS GENOCIDE! John E. Boyd, city-Earth graduate student obsessed with the Great Emigration, eage...

  • SETI - The Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence - Book I

    Seventeen year old Sam Alexander has a mission: to finish his dead father's crusade to locate deep-space radio signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. He...

  • Scrambled Eggs
    220 56

    Update after 24 poems (10-21-15): Finally made it to 24 poems. True to the title of this ongoing poetry collection, the subject matter is all over the place...

  • I Want to Believe (NEW)
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    FBI agents Scully and Mulder investigate the disappearance of a young girl, while Sherlock searches for an old friend. When Sherlock, Watson, and the agents f...

  • Mission Macabre
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    A vigilante detective teams with a beautiful vampire to bring a new brand of justice to the city.

  • "The Torturess" (Short)
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    The Holy Scriptures tell us that, in the cycle of time now past, our people conquered theirs with our superior weapons and intellects. The same texts tell us...

  • Phoenix Free
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    The far future. Humanity has scattered throughout the stars across thousands of colonies and nomadic fleets. The enigmatic Captain Ora Rayder commands the pir...

  • Pearl
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    Pearl is as passionate as she is wild. When she and her family fall into a trap and her family's ruthlessly slaughtered, she's taken captive and held in an ali...