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  • The Best Of Comebacks
    48.6M 1.7M 258

    ❝A book for comebacks.❞ WARNING// If easily offended please do not read this book as you might be upset by some of the content.

  • The Winter War
    190K 5.7K 18

    The continuation of the Starcross series. Last time a battle had just been won by the ragtag 33rd Colorado showing the world that the Druidth could be beaten. Now, the war rages on as men lose themselves in their inner demons doing whatever it takes to beat the alien menace and the fate of Humanity is staked on one i...

  • Starcross
    642K 16.3K 41

    We as a race have spent millennia warring and killing each other over everthing from God to Country, Money and Power, Love and Jealousy, or even simple Psychotic Rage. But now that Humanity has a new enemy to face, one from the stars with far superior technology. And it is now up to every Man, Woman, and Child to come...

  • The Walking Dead (Fan-Fiction)
    705K 15.3K 17

    [COMPLETED] The world has gone to hell. A virus has taken over, one that doesnt just make you sick, one that kills you and then brings you back as a flesh eating zombie, otherwise known as a walker. Karolina is a survivor in this nightmare of a world and shes hell bent on finding her mother and brother and taking...

  • Greats of Science Fiction
    45.9K 1.1K 24

    This collection of writer profiles aims to showcase the history and lives behind some of the greatest Science Fiction writers the genre has seen. From the early 'greats' and 'masters' of the Science Fiction world to some of the 'genre shakers' who have revolutionised how SF is viewed; from Dystopian to Steampunk, via...

  • Do Martians Dream Of Life On Earth?
    1K 34 1

    Trey doesn't know what he wants in life. He lives in the not too distant future where people trade caps for money and take drugs to experience human emotion. Trey doesn't know whether he wants to find himself or a new world entirely. [Written in 2009].

  • How to Write Science Fiction
    167K 6.7K 14

    "Science fiction writers foresee the inevitable, and although problems and catastrophes may be inevitable, solutions are not." - Isaac Asimov This piece is intended as a bit of a Help guide, a point of reference and hopefully something people will enjoy, as ultimately all of you will have different experiences reading...

  • Halo: A Soldier's Story
    24.9K 725 14

    The story of a 16 year old UNSC Soldier Fighting in the Human Covenant war. Starting him joining the war as I newbie fresh out of UNSC Training Camp being thrown into hell know as war. Disclaimer: I thinks it pretty obvious but i do not Own Halo any of its characters and these stories have nothing to do with Actual d...

  • This Would Be Paradise (Book 1)-A Zombie Novel
    5M 230K 43

    (Book 1) In a world where a virus has spread turning most of the population into flesh eating monsters, there are two friends partying it up in New Orleans when the infection hits. Far away from home, they are trapped and trying to make sense of all that has happened with the help of new friends and enemies along the...

  • Into the Darkness of Hell (Halo Fan Fiction)
    4.6K 93 9

    As a marine for the UNSC you have to deal with ammounts of things. Covies, Spartans, ODSTs, and an uncharted planet infested with blood thirsty and intelligant species of aliens. The Covenant was enough to deal with, but now driven from their own ship, and two different U.N.S.C. space stations, both destroyed, the gro...

  • Risen: Echoes of War
    22.4K 1.3K 6

    Written as a companion novel to Risen and Risen: Darklight, Echoes of War tells us what the echoes, psychic reverberations of violent deaths that appear as ghosts and led by the incomparable Hannibal Barca of ancient Carthage, are doing between the major engagements of the two books. Which is a combination of learnin...

  • Bright Horizons
    323K 7.3K 21

    Earth has made first contact with an alien race. At the historic first meeting, an ambush put peace for humanity out of reach. Colonel Kyle Martin was there that day. It was his leadership and the bravery of his marines that saved what little hope mankind had. When Earth was threatened with invasion, Martin again felt...

  • Outcasts
    202K 5.3K 53

    Cassidy lives like most other under 21s - she follows the law. She knows that if she doesn't, she risks being taken away. Rebellious behaviour cannot be tolerated under any circumstances, especially with her parents watching her every move. The rules have been in place for a long time - the Democrats have beaten the R...

  • Prodigy (Complete)
    3.8M 103K 62

    The greatest tragedy the world has ever known turned out to be the ultimate catalyst for change. In the wake of World War III, which decimated most of the world's population, the remaining survivors vowed to not continue to repeat the same mistakes of the past. Fortunately, they had something previous generations did...

  • Contact
    220K 8.3K 73

    An ancient alien relic is found by an asteroid mining crew, which turns out to be much more than just a strange black opaque cube. Logan, brother to one of the miners, is whisked away along with several other specialists to work on a secret project. Under the watchful eyes of their personal Security Special Forces a...