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  • Children of Olympia: Apocalypse
    973 48 13

    What happens when the greatest heroes become the greatest threat? Read on and find.

  • And No One Gets Hurt (A Percy Jackson AU)
    129K 8.5K 27

    Annabeth wasn't looking for love. Percy wasn't looking for attention. Leo wasn't looking to stay. Piper wasn't looking for friends. Jason wasn't looking for a fight. Nico wasn't looking to be a hero. Thalia wasn't looking to be heartbroken. Frank wasn't looking to move on. Hazel wasn't looking to die, again. Now there...

  • Ask Octavian!
    3.4K 246 24

    Octavian: Ask me questions or I'll gut you like a teddy bear.

  • Percy Jackson: Scarred
    82.2K 2.6K 16

    After the Giant war, my life was great. I had a girlfriend, awesome friends and a family. By shortly after that, it all went downhill. I was betrayed by the one I most loved. Bullied, abused and forgotten by my so-called friends. And then I was sent to literal HELL for apparently being in league with Kronos and Gaia...

  • Percy Jackson Truth or Dare!
    261K 4.8K 74

    What if Percy and his friends got together in Cabin Three and played Truth or Dare? Join Percy, Annabeth, Leo, Me (Jasmine Dragonite, Not my real last name.) and a couple other's in a game of Truth or Dare. Prepare for laughter, daring, love, a bit of bleeped out cussing, and a whole load of slapping! (The author is n...

  • Chaos theory ( A percy jackson fanfiction)
    596K 12.8K 38

    Percy jackson felt Abandoned at camp, so he left. Now he is back, Four hundred years later and he is very different. He is Chaos' assassin, defender of the universe. He has been for the 300 years, but what happened during those 100 years?

  • the bond (we wish we didn't share)
    10K 305 3

    The thing that bonds Leo and Percy together isn't Calypso. No, it's much worse than that. Guys, before you read this, you need to know something: this fic has descriptions and discussions of child abuse. If this is triggering or disturbing to you, DO NOT read this. Great! Otherwise, this is a Lercy-friendship bonding...

  • Ask Ella (Heroes of Olympus)
    2.6K 260 10

    Ella has seen other demigod friends do this, so Ella thought she would make one too. Ask Ella any question. Ella loves questions. Good for harpies.

  • percabeth at goode ; pjo/hoo
    1.2M 24.5K 35

    ❝Myself and Mr D have decided to send you to High School. Specifically Goode High School. Percy's High School.❞ ❝We're going to Goode?❞ ❝Yes.❞ ©violetharmcn THIS WAS WRITTEN BEFORE THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES FINISHED AND THEREFORE DIVERGES FROM CANON/THE END OF HEROES OF OLYMPUS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

  • Lost & Found
    214K 5.8K 20

    Percy Jackson left Camp Half-Blood. He left the world of the gods after losing the love of his life. Lost, he and a couple friends find a new purpose, something that gives their lives meaning when it had none. Now their old lives are calling to them; old friends and family who need them. But haven't they given enough...

  • Love is Complicated (A Percabeth story)
    169K 4.4K 26

    Percy and Annabeth are best friends. That's all they've ever been. But when Percy "falls" for a girl... How will Annabeth react? Find out in Love is Complicated! (Cover by @SaiLovesDance)

  • People meet percabeth or demigods
    545K 9.3K 39

    As it says these are one shots of people meet percabeth or demigods. Important!!! I own nothing!! Pjo characters belong to Rick Riordan

  • The Olympians' Secret
    62.1K 1.7K 9

    The Olympians' deadly secrets- secrets hidden for a millennia are finally coming out. Haven't you ever wondered why Apollo was so immature, why Poseidon got the earth and water as a domain and why he brought Medusa to Athena's temple, why Hera was so cold toward Zeus's children? Don't you want to find out?

  • Son of a Legend
    43.5K 2K 20

    "He's in danger" Percy nodded grimly. "I will do anything in my power to protect him." He said, dead serious. His sea green eyes resembled a storm brewing. "I swear on the river Styx." Thunder rumbled in the distance, sealing the vow. Their shelter wouldn't last forever; they had to go out, sooner or later, otherwise...

  • Percabeth at Goode{COMPLETED}
    50.1K 870 18

    Percy Jackson is one of the most popular guys at Goode High. All the girls love him and want him. Percy, just brushes it off until a new not to mention stunning blonde haired girl comes into the picture. Annabeth. Percy doesn't fall for her at first, but things are about to change...

  • Percy Jackson - Forgiving, not Forgetting
    161K 4K 18

    Percy Jackson has been killed, maybe not physically, but still killed. Dead. Gone. But Chaos brings him back with some help from a few gods. He was betrayed by the ones he knew and loved. The ones who he would've given his life for in an instant. He held no love for the campers of both Half-Blood or Jupiter. Because w...

  • Altered Destinies
    576K 13.7K 26

    Instead of a somewhat happy childhood with his mother, Percy is orphaned and on the streets by the age of ten. Found and taken in by the most unlikely of gods, Percy is raised to be the greatest demigod to ever live. His past has left him bitter towards all but a few. Will he still be ready to accept his destiny? AU o...

  • The Olympians' Sins
    18.7K 663 6

    Sequel to The Olympians' Secret. You all know the things the Olympians do. Backstabbing, cheating, and much, much more; sure they do good things too, but does it balance? What if someone set goals to find out, and take account of all the sins? What if Nemesis herself decided to get involved?

  • My Arranged Marriage {Completed}
    360K 8K 21

    Sophia's just a normal 17 year old girl with normal teenage drama and a rich family. Her life is fine the way it is - sure she would change some things, but who wouldn't? - When she receives some very controversial news her life comes to a halting stop. She has been arranged to marry millionaire player Nathan Hardgrav...

    Completed   Mature
  • Son of Kronos - Percy Jackson
    134K 3.3K 8

    What if Percy jackson was never a son of Poseidon? He never met anyone yet, he didn't have a happy childhood with his mom, Sally Jackson. Instead Sally is killed by a monster while Percy was just only six years old. Here is the story of Perseus Jackson, demititan, Son of Kronos.

  • Lost love (a thalico story)
    89.9K 2.1K 45

    A story about nico and thalias real thought toward each other

  • Percy Jackson: Howl At The Moon
    248K 5.9K 15

    Summary: Perseus Jackson was betrayed by the people he called his family. Cheated by his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, dis-owned by his father, forgotten and hated by his friend/family, and replace by his half-brother, Austin Reed, he left the place he called home. His mother died at the age of 6, he had no one. Until a...

  • Shadows
    19.3K 833 7

    Shadows. You associate them with death. You associate death with that demigod who is always overlooked. Nico di Angelo.

  • Percy Jackson No More (Percy and Artemis Love Story) [Incomplete]
    229K 3.8K 16

    Percy is cheated on by Annabeth and his brother Nathaniel so he leaves. Chaos finds him and takes him in. Percy has to come back and he falls in love. But this is a forbidden love. Can it work? Will she love him back?

  • Reyna and Annabeth Lost
    993 21 2

    Instead of Jason and Percy being switched with no memory Reyna and Annabeth get switched with no memory. I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS

  • Questions For the Argo 2 Crew
    63.9K 2.8K 109

    Have you ever wanted to ask the crew a random question? Well, now you can! This book is known to be "Amazing" "Hilarious" and "Update more or I shall steal your Oreos!" (Even if the first two were forced out of some people by tickling them until they said it.) Besides that, I will force- I mean... "encourage" the cr...

  • A New Life (PJO/Chaos Fanfic)
    71.7K 2.2K 12

    Percy is heart broken when Camp Half-Blood treats him like Minotaur Dung after Zach Waters arrives. But when he only has Annabeth and is about to propose to her, he is shattered as he sees her cheating on him. He carries the pain and runs away. Only to be adopted, blessed, and three years later BAM! Chaos's personal A...

  • Family Ties (Percy Jackson and the Avengers)
    132K 4.1K 13

    This is the sequel to Family Habits. If you have not read Family Habits, go read that one and then come back. :)

  • Aphrodite and Hades - An unlikely love story
    4.2K 154 6

    The lovely Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty, has a bit of a problem. She has been banned from doing what she loves most; messing with love lives! So in an attempt to relieve her boredom, she changes her appearance and disappears to a small mortal town. Her plan: to make some mortal man fall in love with her...

  • The New Faces (A Percy Jackson Story)
    17.3K 436 29

    This is a story of a few of the half-bloods who got claimed after The Last Olympian this story also starts when they get claimed. There are lots of twists, turns, some romance, and some adventure! I hope you guys will read, enjoy and review! Also, just thought I'd mention that this was the first Percy Jackson story I...