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  • Anonymous - Newtmas
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    Newt and Thomas both have anonymous blogs that are connected to chat rooms. Thomas, also known as 'Greenie16' and Newt, also known as 'Bloodywalljumper' have been talking in these chats for a while now. But, these chats are anonymous so you could really be talking to anyone. That is something very important that the b...

  • Ten | newtmas
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    For seventeen year old Newt, the number ten is everything. Ten steps. Ten times you must snap your fingers. Ten nods of your head. Ten. When he's put in a mental institution for his extreme OCD, depression and anxiety, he meets some unlikely friends. And possibly the boy he's been looking for his whole life. But can h...

  • Grass is Greener { Newtmas }
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    Thomas is volunteering at the hospital for the summer and is assigned to a stubborn and troubled patient known for scaring off just about every nurse in the place with his cold attitude. While apprehensive at first, he is eventually convinced to accept the challenge of befriending one Newt Isaacs before his discharge...

  • blind | newtmas | -discontinued.
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    He was blonde, tall and perfect. In his hand he gripped firmly to a long wooden stick, as if his life depended on it. Thomas looked back at this boy's face, but then gasped. His eyes were a glazed cloudy, unseen grey. The boy was blind. [will no longer be updating.]

  • When Everything Seems Wrong ♡ Newtmas
    15.6K 759 12

    Freshmen year of University, the year your life starts to take shape. Thomas is just starting out at The University of California when he meets the person he knows he's been waiting for, Newt. Thomas is instantly attracted to Newt and wants a label on their relationship, but for Newt it's not so simple. Both boys come...

  • ♡ Dark Paradise ♡ ; newtmas fanfic.
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    The last thing I remember was my body hitting the ground. I open my eyes to see a blinding white light, and then he's standing there. Newt. And he was smiling. He looked as if he was the happiest boy alive; like he had never been broken. "Welcome to heaven, Tommy," smirked Newt, "took you long enough to get here."

  • The lost and the broken || Newtmas fanfiction
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