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  • The Life of a College Student. (DISCONTINUED)
    865K 13.5K 21

    A somewhat normal college student decides to stay in a house with six other students: Leon the dramatic pretty boy. Minnie the extreme couponing Philosophy major. Kayla the fashion diva who drinks way too much Starbucks. Ricardo the mature Psychology major. JC the dancing maniac with too cute dimples. Then finally Cha...

  • The Masquerade Ball
    158K 3.9K 12

    Daniel Stone, the school's jewel, and Casey Roberts, the school's nerd, are the biggest enemies you will ever meet. Both perform the funniest and most annoying pranks on each other everyday, but when Daniel's prank gets out of hand and humiliates Casey on a whole new level, both their lives change. For the better, may...

  • Wicked (I Know I'm Bad Sequel)
    223K 3.5K 35

    Louise had finally gotten over her past relationship with her ex-English Literature teacher and childhood friend, Damon - well, not completely. She wasn't letting anyone know about it - even her best friends. So when they did something wicked to help Louise settle the scores, things just got worst.

  • The Cover Girl [Harry Styles Love Story]
    229K 4.8K 7

    Iridesca is a quiet, shy girl: she's homeschooled, lives in a small town in the south and hardly ever leaves her room. The only thing that keeps her sane is music; playing the piano and singing is what she loves. The only connection to the outside world is through the internet, where she posts videos of her singing. S...