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  • Back To 1960 || george harrison & john lennon x oc time-travel fanfiction
    9.9K 194 15

    ANNOUNCEMENT: This story is getting a sequel! It'll take place in 1963. A teenage girl named Anna finds herself back in 1960 after being sold a strange time-traveling watch at a charity shop. After traveling back to 1960, she loses her memory. John, George, and Paul find her in the alley behind the Cavern and decid...

    Completed   Mature
  • No One Compares With You
    447 21 3

    Isabel Garcia didn't expect to make friends when she moved out to London, much less meet the Beatles. But between the budding tensions within the band and the mystery surrounding a surprise visitor, she quickly realizes she's in for the ride of a lifetime. Together, they attempt to fight their demons of the past while...

  • The Girl Who Changed Everything
    1K 89 19

    Emma Collins moves to Liverpool from New York in 1959 with her large, wealthy, extremely perfectionists family. Her new school quickly discovers they've never seen anything like her before, and she even catches the eye of a couple of local musicians who've yet to make it big.

  • She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
    16.1K 1K 36

    Michelle is new to Liverpool and has no interest in The Beatles. She finds them an utter embarrassment to the name of Rock n Roll. However, when she meets Paul McCartney in the most unlikely circumstances, will she change her mind about the beloved band?

  • You're Gonna Lose That Girl; The Beatles FanFiction
    1.6K 75 19

    "That night Anna tossed and turned, dreaming of George, though at the deepest corner of every dream, Paul appeared, waking her from from sleep yet again." Anna James finds herself stuck in the middle of George Harrison and Paul McCartney. George is Anna's loving boyfriend and Paul? Paul is not giving up.

  • Lost Days | John Lennon
    2.6K 137 10

    In 1966, John and Charlie created a story she thought could never be rewritten - especially since she was so unwilling to pick up the pen, as it were. However, in 1973, after all those years he's, surprisingly, the one pushing it towards her. Will she take the offer to recreate a once tragic tale, or will the new chap...

  • Hands Off Our King!
    69 2 2

    This is the story of Wallis and Edward.

  • The nature of reality *A Liam Gallagher fanfiction*
    2.2K 225 18

    1993, Lisbetha is a day's hospital patient in a clinic practicing institutional psychotherapy in France. After a personal tragedy during a drunken moment of despair she tries to take her own life which causes her to go back to being institutionized full time at the clinic. Lisbetha is far from thrilled by the idea of...

  • Revolutions
    1.8K 12 37

    Meet Sam and John. Two people in a big city with very different lives. Fate can happen. They were both Starting Over. 'What if John survived?' Would he change anything, alter his lifestyle, love differently? **Revolutions is a work of fiction. As such, it should not be read as a factual ac...

    Completed   Mature
  • All You Need is Love | Beatles Author Interviews
    1.9K 232 17

    Shinning some light on your favorite Beatles authors. | | In which we interview your favorite Beatles authors.

  • Before I Leave...
    52 5 3

    'I am one hundred percent, absolutely, unwaveringly, terrified of leaving school and going on to college...' Meet Olivia Johnson. She is 16 and only has a few weeks left at high school before going on to college. The thought of leaving the security of her small country village school terrifies her to the core. But whe...

  • Overbet
    12.3K 1.1K 41

    "What's not to like about me?" "You're the king of fuckbois. You think with your dick, You're arrogant and mean and You're a fucking kid." Modern AU where John Lennon's mates bet him he can't "Fuck the fat girl" of their art school. Cover made by my Darling love @Macca40

    Completed   Mature
  • Stand By Me ♡♡JPM (Completed)
    1.3K 108 18

    "Paul has never been the same when John died" -Ringo Starr "Since me surviving cancer, Paul thought he could of saved John" -George Harrison. "Paul tells me he's ready to see John again" -Linda McCartney "I'm afraid he's going to see John soon..." -Julian Lennon McLennon-ish

    Completed   Mature
  • Let It Be (A Beatles Story)
    309K 9.3K 72

    A simple story of love, friendship, tears, and time-travel.

  • A Day In The Life ||The Beatles
    3.6K 230 19

    24 hours. 4 bandmates. 4 women. 1 party. 1 rock god playing matchmaker. A story told from 4 different points of view, as John, Paul, George and Ringo try to go through the ups and downs of love. Through the beginnings and the endings and everything in between, all in twenty four hours.

  • Marry Me, Baby
    128 9 1

    Facing a situation many women suffered when they found themselves 'in trouble'. Shame it's Hamburg. John Lennon short story.

    Completed   Mature
  • Good Lil Girl
    1.2K 62 4

    Elouise is quiet, neat and a good little girl - the exact opposite, it seems, to the new part of Liverpool that her family has moved to. Will Elouise stay her usual self under the influence of giggly school girls, ranting teachers and most importantly the rock n roll loving John Lennon?

  • Sympathy For the Devil [Keith Richards]
    5.6K 615 16

    "Can I have at least one last drink and a smoke before we go?" "Of course, you can. I might be the Devil, but I'm not a monster."

  • Behind That Locked Door (A Beatles/George Harrison Fanfiction)
    2.1K 108 8

    When George meets a hippie at one of Paul's wild parties, they go for a walk and enjoy a nice talk. Nothing major. But when George finds out the secrets of her family and her sister's boyfriend, he sticks around to protect her. All that time away from Pattie leads him to fall smitten with the hippie named Moonbeam.

  • Elisa's Song Book
    1.1K 280 26

    Those are some songs I write, they have a melody but are lacking instrumental until I join a band.

  • Two Are Better Then One (A AU Fan fiction)
    2.6K 104 33

    NOTE : An Alternate Universe fan fiction) John sat across from him and pursed his lips. "Paul......" "Oh he's not here right now. Please leave a message and try again," Paul smiled mockingly. "Paul and I don't get along very well. I'm James, his better half." He smirked cockily crossing his legs. Th...

  • Sympathy For the Devil
    2K 97 5

    1965.Margaret Falpin is 20 years old and is trying to make a name for herself . Writer for the New York-based music magazine , Red Glam, she interviews many music artists. Having no interest in any modern music makes her job a little difficult . Her heart is set on writing novels and for that wish to come true, she m...

  • memories || a george harrison fanfic
    863 34 3

    It's official. One of the famous Beatles, George Harrison, is dead. Being know as "the quite" Beatle, many crazy Beatlemaniacs are now wanting to know more about George and who he really was. His wife, Marianne, is approached a few days later after the funeral to talk more about George for their documentary on him. Go...

  • Jenny's Choice (Monkees FanFiction)
    3.4K 180 15

    When Jenny Pierce gets into a relationship with Mike, Peter becomes insanely jealous and wants her. Mike and Jenny get married but Jenny secretly loves Peter and has a secret relationship with him. Will Mike find out? If he does, will he forgive either of them? Read to find out! :)

  • I wanna be your man! - Complete story.
    4.5K 208 8

    "Bet ya ten quid you can't bed a bar maid!" John whispered in Paul's ear. "Depends which one." Paul grinned "What about that one?" Paul looked at her. "Reckon she's a virgin though. Bigger challenge. Raise your stakes Lennon." "Ok, twenty quid." "You're on!" Always up for a challenge, Paul successfully pursues her and...

  • What If...
    1.4K 74 8

    What happened 'again'?

  • Daisy Chains|1
    795 45 3

    the account of a insecure, confused, and suicidal girl who meets a rebellious, handsome and fucked up boy in an alleyway on New Years Eve.