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  • Friday Night Dinner- Complete
    23.8K 273 23

    You grew up with the Goodmans. Being in foster care, and Jonny's school, you have been invited to Friday night dinner every day since you were 6. Jackie took pity on you since you had no family and you were basically her daughter. At the age of 14, you and Jonny had a first kiss and have been together ever since. This...

    Completed   Mature
  • The inbetweeners One Shots- Completed
    19.3K 105 12

    The inbetweeners one shots I will do probably all requests or I will atleast have a go at them and try my best. I've tried alot of inbetweeners stories but I've realised I can't stick with them. So I thought one shots would be easier Y/N can be whatever age in one shots. Can be a sister/brother, mother/father, girlfr...

  • Their Mockingbird- Complete
    89.4K 1.3K 38

    Nancy Shelby. She is the heart of the Shelby family. At just 7 years old, she seems to be the only person who can make Thomas Shelby smile a real smile. Her brothers protect her and love her through all the troubles of being a shelby. Her sister is always their to save her from the boys awful jokes. And her Aunt pol i...

  • Peaky Blinder Preferences- Completed
    11.2K 65 21

    Romantic relationship preferences related to the peaky blinders I will be doing: Arthur Tommy John Finn Michael

  • HP One Shots- Completed
    11.2K 93 27

    One shots of the characters from Harry Potter. Please leave requests. I will do any character of any relation. The OC Will be female unless someone requests otherwise. May contain smut. Chapters with smut will have 🖤 in the title. Enjoy I don't own Harry Potter

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Daisy- Twilight- Completed
    10.8K 167 30

    Daisy. That's all they know her as. No last name, no nicknames. Just Daisy. Spending her life running from police, it ends up with her in hospital. There, she meets Carlisle Cullen who agrees to Foster her. It was only supposed to be temporary, until they could find permanent housing, but not everything goes to plan...

  • The Gift- Complete
    52K 1.1K 43

    Arthur Shelby has 0 to very little experience with children. Sure he entertains his nieces and nephews but it's not quite the same as being a father. He doesn't need to take responsibility for them and he can give them as much alcohol as he pleases So when he visits an orphanage in America due to Tommy's orders, he is...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finn's Baby- Complete
    150K 2.4K 44

    At the age of 19, finn shelby is the baby of the family. But not for long. As a face from the past comes back to haunt him and brings with her a little girl. Finn is quick to find out the child is his and will do everything in his power to care for her 5 year old Lydia has a normal life. She has a mother. A nice enoug...

  • Shelby Fire- Completed
    89.5K 1.6K 87

    Before the war, there was a girl. Her customers knew her as Sapphire, her family knew her as Dotty. After falling pregnant with Thomas Shelby's baby, she runs. No one knows where and Tommy was left believing she had simply grown tired of small heath. You can imagine his surprise when social services turn up at his doo...

  • Our Love- Peaky Blinders- Complete
    10.8K 350 36

    Rose Shelby has never quite fit in with her fellow peers. While girls from school have been kissing boys and sending love letters, the 16 year old never understood the excitement So what happens when Rose does start to have feelings. Or maybe, only starts to realise feelings that have been there forever. Just one girl...

  • Isiah's girl - Complete
    7.2K 119 16

    Peaky blinders MY WORST STORY! VERY SHORT AND RUSHED! DONT READ! MY OTHER PEAKY BLINDERS FANFICS ARE SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!! Nancy lives a normal life on a farm in yorkshire with her younger brother and sister. Until one day, she doesn't. A strange and intimidating group of men turn up at her house, claiming to be her f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Peaky blinders angel- Completed
    174K 1.9K 100

    Rose shelby. The youngest shelby. She is the pride and joy of their fucked up family. This book is one shots of rose and the brothers. She will be the same age up until the chapter "becoming a woman" . Not following the whole story line as I can't bare the thought of no John. I refuse to write a peaky blinder story w...

  • Shelby heart- Completed
    155K 1.8K 70

    One shots of y/n. She will be the partner to which ever character for that chapter. Feel free to request. If you want sibling one shots, then check out my book, peaky blinders angel Warnings: Smut (will put 🖤 in title) Suicide (will put 😔 in title) Self harm (will put 😥in the title) Swearing will be in every ch...