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  • My Favorite Fairly OddParents Quotes
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    Someone had to do it! :D

  • My Favorite Spongebob Quotes
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    Live like Spongebob and Patrick. Laugh out loud every day without a reason. And annoy mean people with your happiness. ~Teeanger Post #4084 ~

  • Ask or Dare the Sonic Boom Characters
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    You can ask or dare Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Sticks and Shadow any question! (I'll bring some more characters later)

  • Dare Me!
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    Dare me to do ANYTHING! I wanna be dared!! :P

  • Hilarious Text 2
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    These are not made by me. All rights go to the people who made them. I just stumbled upon these on the internet. **WARNING: some texts may include rude language or sexual content that some may find offensive. if you find these offensive dont read it.**

  • Ask Rachel and friends.
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