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  • High On Memories
    18 0 1

    Here's to the days that turned in to nights with the friends that turned into family. They never knew they were making memories they just knew they were have fun...

  • The Night Of The Broken Glass
    11 1 2

    She lost everything that night,her family,friends,but she realized as the glass sliced into her foot she had to make a change. A closed and a distracted soldier saved her, at least that's what she thought.

  • My Drawings
    4.5K 309 79

    This is a book with my drawings. I thought since people are doing it, why not I do it. Basically, my drawings.

  • Binge
    867K 35.3K 4

    Pop-culture phenomenon, social rights advocate, and the most prominent LGBTQ+ voice on YouTube, Tyler Oakley brings you his first collection of witty, personal, and hilarious essays. For someone who made a career out of over-sharing on the Internet, Tyler has a shocking number of personal mishaps and shenanigans to...

  • Our Fault
    13.8K 938 32

    Sequel To: Vikklan: 500 Apologies And 2000 Tears

  • Ty Shine (Skylox)
    785 36 3

    Ty accidently kills Sky! *gasp* there...thats litterally what happens...ENJOY! hehehe.. (Play the song 'you are my sunshine' with this)

  • No Nights at Team Crafted's (sequel to FnaTC)
    215K 9K 20

    Tyler starts his third week at his job at the Team Crafted Theme Park, along with Mike Schmidt, but things quickly get back out of hand. Whatever Team Crafted Co. told the Law force to keep them quiet about all the past deaths has worn off, and the park is shut down and the animatronics taken to the dump. But Tyler j...

  • Fangirl world
    1.5M 139K 224

    This is the fangirl world. So there's a lot about the hunger games, divergent, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, the fault in our stars and the maze runner. This is for people who are a tribute, divergent, a demigod, potter head, a runner and a TFIOS fan.

  • Welcome To Weirdville... ;_;
    12.5K 1.1K 208

    What're you doing here? This book is old and cringey. :D But, if you insist on reading it, enjoy!

  • Minecraft Kingdoms AU
    39.4K 1.2K 7

    The events that brought the war between The Sky Army and The Squid Army to an end were sudden, desperate, and deadly. These events effected the lives of many, including our beloved youtubers. But they arn't youtubers here, not in this world. Some are kings, some are mages, some are assassins, and some are citizens. Bu...

  • Five Nights at Team Crafted's
    300K 9.9K 17

    Tyler, just out of High school, needs a job that'll pay well. He finds one in the most unexpected place. $100 a night to work as a security guard at a small amusement park called Team Crafted. A theme park he has visited many times within his childhood. However, never once did he think during his childhood that there...

  • Budderly Love? a skylox fanfic
    6.5K 131 18

    Rose is part of a team to make Skylox happen. So when she meets Sky she pushes him over the top to attempt Skylox. Things turn when she and Sky become friends and then she notices, shes falling for him.

  • The Fight Within (Book 1 of Ssundee Battle Trilogy)
    34.7K 1.1K 27

    Derp Ssundee was just a YouTube joke made by Ssundee. Until one day, he escapes... he enters Ssundee' s body and slowly starts to take over, driving Ssundee insane. He does everything in his power to keep his hidden demon concealed, but when he takes over, things don't go well for him or anyone around him. Can Ssundee...

  • Captured (A Skytatolox fanfic)
    11.4K 348 21

    Deadlox was captured… no one saved him… not even his love tried. Now he is freed. But now he's all alone. Don't question it. Just f*cking read it. I probably should be more professional. :3

  • Scenarios of a popular girl
    128 2 1

    Popular girls... you would think that they're all girly and snobby, but that isn't the case. I am documenting my day to day life and am going to make it public so you can either laugh at me, or you can just laugh at how seriously I take this Crap. Enjoy or don't. But this is me.

  • And So We Meet Again... Sequel to Captured [On Hold]
    5.4K 181 28

    Ty awoke in a hospital room, to find things completely different. Where is Tyler and Sky? ~•~•~•~•~•~•~ Yep! This is the sequel to 'Captured ((A Skytatolox fanfic))' :3 Thank chu all for supporting my books and reading them! I will keep typing on! :3

  • Enderlox: The Trilogy (Part Two)
    8.8K 455 34

    After finally finding Astrea and saving Skyler from the evil clutches of Moon, we find our heroes in yet another sketchy predicament. *This story takes place 6 YEARS FROM THE LAST STORY!!*

  • 99 days gone (merome)
    203K 6.4K 68

    Mitch passes away and Jerome isn't coping well, follow him as he struggles to cope with his bestfriends death

  • The Survival Games
    2.9K 59 7

    Every yearn five people from each story are brought together to go into The Survival Games! We have... Harry Potter! Percy Jackson! Katniss Everdeen! Frodo Baggins! Emily Jacobs!