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  • Insanity Kills
    201 39 1

    There is always a point in life when insanity overcomes all reason and all reason fades away. It is then, in the crucially dramatic moment, fate is decided. Sometimes, insanity cripples a lone individual, but the strong ones most always recover. Other times, it becomes the only form of thought that a person has; thi...

  • Gangs and Roses
    1.3M 31.5K 37

    Paige Hill is a badass. Well, she likes to think she is. After burning her flat down after a drunken party, Paige has to go and live with four grown (and incredibly hot) men. They're hiding something, but what? Guns, explosions, car chases and love, Paige is thrown into a whirlwind of gangs and crime, fighting for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Taylor's Tales
    5.7K 225 3

    These are Taylor Swift's songs that I made into stories. Each chapter is a different song, with a different character. Whether the story is about love, or heartbreak, or friendship. These are Taylor's Tales.

  • Reasons to Live
    2.4M 64.8K 46

    "One day you'll leave me. You don't want a girl with a rape story," I said as I desperately try to stop my sobs and hiccups. "You deserve someone who is prettier and more stable then me." "Mon ange ," he whispered to me lightly as he held my tear-stained face. I looked at him and my breath shortens as I met his inte...

  • Till Death Do You Part
    14.2K 458 23

    An eye for an eye, A soul for a soul, Life for a life, Death is your toll. Endure all the pains, Only do what you must, But remember these words; In Death you must trust.

  • Awakened With a Kiss
    2.9K 185 5

    Fairy tales have always played an insignificant part in Charlie's life, as a young child she never harbored any fantasies on whether they could be real or not. Being adventurous as well as outgoing, Charlie decides to explore the ever terrifying haunted house that no one has ever dared enter. What she finds inside wil...

  • The Memoir Man
    1.3K 86 6

    This story entails just that: stories. Stories of lives. Stories of freedom. A lone quill scrawls the stories of all the lives in the universe. This is how it always has been, and how it always should be. Until now. Cassius Moon is alone in this world. With his mother dead, and the rest of the population shunning him...