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  • Drunk on Love
    1.1M 36.2K 40

    Something old: Her ex-boyfriend, Casey. Something new: His gorgeous wife, Julia. Something borrowed: A slinky, black dress. Something blue: A pair of eyes staring at her like she's crazy. Somehow Becca Felix tricked herself into thinking that going to Casey's wedding was a good idea. It wasn't. In fact, it was beyond...

  • The Bad Boy's Girl (BEING PUBLISHED)
    178M 2.9M 54

    "Some people bring out the worst in you, others bring out the best, and then there are those remarkably rare, addictive ones who just bring out the most. Of everything. They make you feel so alive that you'd follow them straight into hell, just to keep getting your fix." - Karen Marie Moning, Shadowfever Tessa O...

  • Destined To Be With You
    30.2K 645 20

    Benjamin Stratford, a young lawyer from Los Angeles thinks he has his life all figured out until a woman from his past reappears. This woman, Olivia Bergdorf, his on and off again girlfriend of 2 years in college, returns with news that he can\'t get away from. He now has a wonderful girlfriend named Emily Collins who...

  • Lipstick And A Nerd
    23.2K 513 24

    •Book One• Leo had always loved Ella, but she was always way out of his league, that is, until now. Now, their in high school and Leo's caught up to her pretty fast, but he's still the know-it-all book worm he was back then and is always getting the best grades. Ella, well, all she really wants now is a chance with...

  • Bride of Convenience
    4.3M 95.6K 59

    When Harrison Bendleman – Business tycoon, self-made millionaire and one of the most sort after bachelors – offers Julia the chance to turn her luck around by pretending to marry him. Julia thinks this is an offer to good to refuse, but will Julia fall into the same trap as her tragic mother and fall in love with a ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Miss Perfect
    9M 253K 49

    [This book is under construction so things might get a little confusing if you start reading right now. Thank you so much for your patience!] -This book isn't non-fiction, so there are things that are incorrect in here. Please don't try to correct them- Lindsay Wilson was born different from everybody else. No, she's...

  • I Am Reese
    2.6M 79.9K 26

    Reese has always dreamed of being a YouTube star, but all she's done is make rant videos that she never posts. So when her younger sister finds them and puts them online as a prank, Reese thinks her life is over. But surprisingly, people think they're hilarious. On a confidence high, she decides to make these video di...

  • Enjoying the Chase (SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHING SPRING 2014)
    6.3M 51.1K 38

    **** THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STORY NOW. ENJOYING THE CHASE IS BEING PUBLISHED SPRING 2014 SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD**** Nate Peters is a player. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend and he LOVES it. He's never failed to get a girl in his life, that is until...

  • Just One Night
    24M 190K 33

    "Here's what I want you to do," I began, trailing my hands up his muscular body to wrap my arms around his neck. "I want you to do me, and do me hard. Then, I want you to let me go and never mention this to anyone." Taylor Quessie is tired of being a virgin. Everyone tells her she should wait until she meets someone s...

  • The Locker Room ✔
    128K 2.4K 43

    What do the boys in the locker room talk about? Five girls know. Audrey MacDonald was having a normal sleepover one late summer night, until Val had to shout out a brilliant idea. The idea to listen to what the boys talk about in the locker room. Audrey and her friends get excited at the idea and without fully thinkin...

  • Bad Boy & Good Girl (On hold, temporary)
    38.9K 579 7

    It's your typical cliche romance. Nerd falls for bad boy. Instead of the bad boy changing his ways, the nerd does instead. Laura Thompson is your typical Plain Jane Nerd, she's nevergot anything below a B in all her life, she hates tardiness and loves books. It's her senior year and she plans on buckling down and tryi...

  • Second Chance Romance (Southern Nights) Completed
    8.3M 89K 29

    At eighteen, Jade Sampson thought she had found the one man she would spend the rest of her life with, Austin Giles. He had been a long time childhood friend and later became her high school sweetheart. He was perfect in every way... or that's what she once thought. It was your typical hot southern, summer afternoon...

  • Baby Doll
    497K 9.8K 25

    Sequel to A Wrong Turn Into Yesterday. 10 Years after Pamela and Corey said goodbye, Corey is back in Pamela's life, but with a twist. He wants her to plan his wedding to a exotic model beauty. Wedding bells are definitely chiming but just how close will Pam let Corey get to the alter before she drops her secret on hi...

  • Oh, Dakota.
    250K 5.5K 45

    School’s finally out and Elijah wanted nothing more than for his band to play gigs at his father’s new Bar, and to continue to obsess over his school’s cheerleading captain, Stacey Dugan. Also, it was a break from his biology partner and Stacey’s best friend, Dakota, whom he can’t stand. But, what happens when Dakota...

  • Only Time Can Tell (Delilah's Tale) (Going through editing)
    155K 1.9K 30

    One year ago Delilah lost her virginity to her best friend's older brother, Alexander (Xander). When she woke up the next morning the bed was empty with no note and he wasn't anywhere in sight. Since that day Delilah and Xander have been at each other's throats twenty four seven. Delilah is now in a committed relation...

  • Best-Friends With Benefits (Under Reconstruction)
    22.4M 300K 52

    Conner Rogers: Hot, athletic, and popular, with an ego the size of the Empire State Building. Selena Rider: Clumsy, uncoordinated-and-most-definitely-not-athletic, and sarcastic, with an unfortunate affinity for making self destructive life decisions. Against all odds, Selena and Conner have remained best friends long...

  • Pretend
    10.6M 119K 49

    When April's boyfriend (Kyle) breaks up with her she is heart broken. She can't seem to get over him, but when her best friend's brother poses as her boyfriend at a party to make Kyle jealous and it works, she hatches the perfect plan or so she thinks...Sometimes pretending isn't the best game to play especially when...

  • Mr. Curiosity
    73.1K 393 19

    (Cover: IsaSecret Note: Old story, left for my own personal progress. "Don't be scared, it's only love, baby, that we're falling in," it's a lot more than love that Carleigh has fallen into. Everything started when she agreed to split a four story building with her best friend's brother, Brooke. Their relationship as...

  • Rolling Dice [sample]
    1.1M 10.9K 15

    [This book will be published by Random House in September 2013 in paperback and ebook format. This is a sample of the first fifteen unedited chapters.] They say that the higher you climb, the harder you fall - and Madison Clarke will do anything to keep her new life from crumbling to pieces. Moving from a small town i...