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  • Drarry- It Was All Just a Game
    3.9M 130K 78

    When Draco comes up with an idea to mess with Harry during the Triwizard Tournament, will he be the one who will get burned in the end? Drarry #wattpride

    Completed   Mature
  • Doctor's Orders
    3.1M 90.4K 80

    Highest Rank: #3 in Fanfiction! :D Ellie is a bright and bubbly, yet dedicated new nurse in the Emergency Department at Chicago Medical Institute. Dr. Harry Styles, meticulous, hardworking, and driven, is the head of the department. Ellie's little quirks rub him the wrong way, and the doctor's critical nature drives h...

  • More Than Meets The Eye (Larry Stylinson)
    959K 44.8K 39

    Harry Styles is use to being pushed around by the football team, so he expects nothing else from new kid Louis Tomlinson, who just happens to be a jock. Will Harry learn that not everyone is the same, that everyone has secrets, and that sometimes there is more to a person than what meets the eye?

  • Suicide Attempt • Larry Stylinson
    647K 28.2K 40

    Louis Tomlinson hates his life and he's going to end it on Friday. He will also live stream himself taking his own life to his bully, Harry Styles, the schools most popular guy, because believe it or not; Louis is in love with Harry and he will admit it in the suicide video. Copyright © 2014 LARRYICE. All righ...

  • yo mama » muke [FINISHED]
    268K 21.4K 28

    in which luke doesn't smile and michael wants to change that. © All Rights Reserved.

  • 100 scars
    109K 7.9K 40

    Harry tells Louis about each story about each scar on his body. © 2014 honeymoan

  • the journal - h.s.
    30.5M 497K 111

    "You do realize a journal is an extremely personal thing right?" His voice was raspy, low and threatening, making me take a step back in panic as he continued, "so my only question is why the fuck are you standing with mine?" - first book - - instagram acc: @thejournalofficial - - for extra material: ari...

  • My Obsession (Narry) Under editing
    55.8K 1.5K 20

    Obsession Narry fic. Have you ever loved someone who you know doesn't love you back? I mean who wouldn't fall for those amazing blue eyes, died blond hair, brace face and oh lord that beautiful Irish accent. He’s just so gorgeous. I Harry Edwards Styles am borderline obsessed with my next door neighbor and footie cap...

  • Meet Me in St. Lawrence [Harry Styles, Nathan Sykes, McFly fan fiction]
    3.5K 80 12

    Our lives were pretty normal until one day this curly haired boy bought me frozen yogurt.

  • Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)
    3.5M 43.8K 41

    I am in an affair with Justin Bieber. If someone had told me a month ago that I would one day say those words & actually mean them, I would have insisted they were on crack. I don’t know why I agreed to this. I have a boyfriend. Who is not in any way, shape, or form Justin. Yes, I’m attracted to Justin. Majorly...

  • Harry Styles Ate My Hamster (One Direction fan fiction)
    371K 9.3K 15

    "You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll be on the edge of your seats - if you're sitting down." (Woman at bus stop) "It made me fall totally and utterly head over heels in love with Harry Styles and I've always been more of a Justin Bieber fan myself!" (My Nan) It's Amber Curtis' first day as junior reporter for 'Wow' mag...

  • Bullied By 3/5 Of One Direction (AU) (ON HOLD TIL DEC2016)
    9.3M 104K 68

    Kate Browne. Her life was completely normal apart from the constant bullying she endured everyday by no other than Harry, Zayn and Louis and the abuse she also got by her non-caring father. Harry, Zayn and Louis, best friends since they were younger, all hate Kate and she has no idea why. One day she meets who she bel...

  • Friends With Benefits (Book 1 in the Lou&Liv Trilogy) (One Direction)
    263K 3.2K 20

    Olivia and Louis have been friends for years. And their friendship comes with a whole lot of benefits. Things go well for a straight year. When one gets dumped, they hook up and forget everything. At first, they are both content with how their life is. Until those pesky little things called feelings mix themselves in...