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  • A Different Tale, double swan[1]
    27K 933 46

    We know the story of Emma Swan, mother of Henry, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. But what about the story of Elias Swan, father of Henry, twin brother of Emma Swan, oldest child of Snow White and Prince Charming. Emma and Elias Swan grew up together in the foster system, they have always been together, and...

  • Families Reunited, double swan[2]
    16.4K 807 46

    Magic is in Storybrooke. Memories have returned. Families reunited. Curse is broken. As the curse is broken, Elias and Emma finally meet their parents with their real memories of Snow White and Prince Charming. Meanwhile, their friend Nadia was out for Regina's blood and Mr Gold was happy to help her. As Mr Gold helpe...

  • Home, double swan[3]
    4.1K 247 15

    The group travels to Neverland to save Henry, who has been taken there, under Pan's orders. Athena's whereabouts are still unknown to everyone, but Captain Hook remains to believe that she is alive somewhere. The mission to save Henry, becomes more difficult and full of surprises. After completing their mission, a new...