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  • Marine Havocs
    400K 37.9K 50

    La perspectiva del mundo deja de ser como antes cuando quedas varado en una isla desierta gracias a los estragos del mar. Harry lleva mucho tiempo ahí, sabe cómo cuidarse sólo. Jackie acaba de perderse, no sobrevivirá sin la ayuda de él. Harry no sabe mucho sobre los cambios que el mundo ha tenido en los últimos cinco...

  • Violet [Harry Styles]
    5M 191K 49

    [COMPLETED] "Why do you always stare at me?" "B-Because You're B-Beau-tiful." Violet was the shy girl Harry loved to draw. Harry was the stuttering boy Violet fell in love with. © londonstars

  • Always»h.s ©️
    84.6K 5.1K 82

    -¿Despues de todo este tiempo? -Siempre. Espero que sea de su total agrado. La historia es 100% mia. No se aceptan copias. Perfecta portada realizada por ; _Minxyoongix_

  • Story of Another Us | Calum Hood
    51.9K 2.3K 35

    Wattys 2016 Winner of the People's Choice Award! -Spin-off to Never Enough- There was serenity, there was love, there was lust. For the first time in Montana's life, she let herself be loved, be treasured, be held. Calum never expected it to happen, but it did. He never expected the frozen waste that he had for a hear...

  • jupiter's moons
    105K 12K 20

    this pull is more than just gravity.

  • The Wish [Harry Styles] Español.
    18.2K 1K 9

    ❝Ten cuidado con lo que deseas, Harry❞

  • Skinny Love » Niall Horan
    1.5M 28.8K 33

    BOOK 1 rain against their glass windows, scary movies and looking into each others eyes was their favorite things. He loved her as much as she did for him, but it's not always like this... there's bad boys, fighting & murder. highest rank #1 Fanfiction #6 Short Story ↘↘ [NOTE: WARNING: OF VIOLENT AND SEXUAL NATUR...

    Completed   Mature
  • daisy; n.h.
    17.3K 1.9K 11

    ❝Ella era una margarita en un campo de rosas.❞

  • Hi, best friend.
    635K 41.4K 142

    «I love telling you what I feel without you listening to me» This story is originally written by @booksforevah (its Spanish writer) I'm her official translator and I'm translating her story to English because she's my internet best friend and I loved her story. Cover credits to my other internet best friend @harrytak...

  • Hired To Love
    25.3M 928K 67

    Henley agrees to pretend to date millionaire Bennett Calloway for a fee, falling in love as she wonders - how is he involved in her brother's false conviction? ***** Henley Linden's brother is in jail for a crime he didn't commit, and she'll take an...

  • Bulletproof
    48M 1.3M 45

    [This story will become free on April 23, 2021] When Franny learns why former popular boy Tyler fell from grace, she gets thrown head-first into his dangerous world but also closer to his timid heart. ***** Eighteen-year-old Tyler Madden used to hav...

  • Trouble. (niall horan au)
    1.8M 52.4K 34

    In which a sarcastic girl with a secret fear of touching meets a rebellious, lilac haired boy who can't seem to keep his hands off her. (last updated 2020)

  • The Fault in Our Stars
    809K 10.1K 8

    Some extra, for all the people who enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. Let me make this clear that this is not the original written by John Green, and this isn't even written by John Green.

  • Forced ⇝ Z.M. AU
    37.4K 1.3K 17

    Someday, you will find someone that makes you happy. No matter how annoying or stupid they can be, you will learn to love them. And they will love you back. C o p y r i g h t © 2 0 1 5 v i n y l x l o u i s

    2.2M 14.1K 9

    NOVELA FINALISTA DE LA PRIMERA EDICIÓN DEL PREMIO OZ DE NOVELA JUVENIL YA A LA VENTA EN LIBRERÍAS, publicado por Oz Editorial. ISBN: 9788416224654 ¿Te atreves a adentrarte en el bosque de Greenwood? Tras la misteriosa desaparición de su padre, Esmeralda Grimm y su familia se trasladan al sombrío pueblo de Greenwood, e...

  • Laced | Zayn Malik (Español)
    8.8M 398K 122

    Dentro de cien años en el futuro, la corrupción hizo estragos en la mayoría de reglas y gobiernos. Lo que una vez fue un mundo libre, ahora es dominado por el Gobierno -consistiendo en un pequeño grupo de Dueños. Dueños como Zayn. El resto de la población esta esclavizada. No hay punto intermedio; no hay clase media...

  • Happily Never After {ON HOLD}
    20.5K 713 48

    Trilogy to "Stockholm Syndrome" Sarah and Harry were happily married with two kids. No more road blocks. No more threatening people. No more fights. No more living in the past. Sarah and Harry are finally happy, but can it stay that way..? Find out in: Happily Never After: A Harry AU

  • Stockholm Syndrome
    128K 2.6K 32

    Stockholm Syndrome: Feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor. Sarah was held hostage by Harry. She thought he was just some kind of sick-minded killer, but when she spends more time with him, she soon finds herself starting to fall for him. But s...

  • Troubled.
    11.3M 377K 59

    I don't think you ever really know who you are, until you lose who you are. You don't know pain until the person you would give your life for plucks the pin off of the grenade, leaving you standing alone in an open battlefield. You don't know love until the source of your happiness leaves you weak and withering in ago...

  • Unwonted (Niall Horan)
    1M 34.7K 23

    {bonus book} - She turned me down several times. She told me she was done with guys. She avoided me. But I knew better, I knew she was the kind who runs into your life only once and I just couldn’t let her go. I had to try again and again until she would tell me she wanted me, too. I knew she was special, I knew she w...

  • Sleeping With The Enemy (Harry Styles)
    16.5M 276K 47

    Jane Hendricks and Harry Styles were arch enemies. Not JUST enemies, but it was just completely hate between the two. Although what others didn't know, was that Jane had a past with Harry. Even enemies could fall in love.. But that was then, and this is now, as others say. It turns out, it wasn't love they were in bac...

    Completed   Mature
  • Under The Willow Tree • Louis Tomlinson
    289K 8.6K 39

    Rose Redwood is just your normal young adult girl who has a passion for fashion and a craving for success. She has the skills to be a top designer, the clients who could get her far and a past that she buried away. Her past includes the now superstar young man, Louis Tomlinson. Both Rose and him grew up together and...

  • Intrepid » n.h. au
    1.1M 39.8K 58

    [✓] ∥ "What do you fear most?" At my childish question, she smiles and looks down. In all honesty, I thought we were going to have to stay there all night, that she wouldn't find an answer until the sun comes out. But to my surprise, she looks back up at me within seconds, the smile I fell in love with no longer adorn...

  • The Styles Twins: The Final Challenge (Final)
    54.6K 3.8K 104

    Dos Hermanos. Siete chicos. Una Banda. Una última oportunidad. El último reto.

  • The Styles Twins
    402K 12.4K 42

    Él es normal. Él es famoso. Él pensaba que su vida era aburrida. Él pensaba que su vida era perfecta. Ninguno de los dos pensaba que todo iba a cambiar.

  • Intrepid || n.h. au || Español
    163K 8.6K 58

    "¿Qué es lo que más temes?" Ella sonríe y mira hacia abajo ante mi pregunta infantil. Siendo honesto, creo que estaremos aquí hasta que salga el sol. Ella me sorprende cuando en cuestión de segundos mira hacia arriba en mi rostro. La sonrisa que tanto amo ya no adorna más su rostro. "A mí misma." **Advertencia: La his...

  • I Wish » Secuela de I Want » Niall Horan
    130K 11.2K 38

    But I see you with her slow dancing, Tearing me apart, Cause you don't see, Whenever you kiss her, I'm breaking, Oh how I wish that was me. SECUELA DE I WANT.

  • No Control
    63.4K 1.9K 41

    "Don't you see, darling? I have no control..." Sequel to Stockholm Syndrome

  • I Can Feel | Niall Horan | Slow Updates.
    16.9K 1.4K 15

    El amor, el odio, la tristeza, la ira, la fe, el dolor, la locura, el suspenso, entre muchas otras. Todas esas simples cosas que una persona humana puede sentir, es lo más inalcanzable que puedas soñar en el mundo donde yo vivo. Solamente eres un "humano" con una pulsera que altera tu cerebro para no poder sentir nad...

  • Reckless - nh au #1
    171K 9.1K 53

    Roxanna Willson, una chica que creció sin el cariño de su madre se ve obligada a ir al pueblo donde vivió su infancia y donde recobrará el deseo de cumplir su sueño. Sin embargo, los sucesos del pasado y una incógnita sin resolver harán que sus planes se pongan patas arriba. Pero ella, al final de esta historia, sabr...

    Completed   Mature