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  • My Beloved Werewolf (ON HOLD)
    969K 30.2K 23

    Serenity is a Vampire. Lucas is a werewolf. Pretty simple right? Wrong. Even though they're supposed to be mortal enemies, destiny seems to have something else in mind for them by making them each others other halves. Not so simple now is it? Will they be able to fall in love with each other like most other halves...

  • Ms. Potent
    4.2K 86 11

    The journey of Anastasia De'Caprio extends to a lifetime. She is a girl who lived the life with all she could ever want until she discovered a secret that became the hell of her. This vampire novel takes it's twists and turns through routes of submission that could consume you to continue further. Her once simple life...

  • My Vampire Kidnapper
    1.3K 53 10

    Vampire Kidnap, Thrilling story

  • Because you're my Beloved
    1.5M 52.1K 40

    Marnie Stanford looks like a normal 17 year old girl. She dreams of finding a boy to spend the rest of her life with, to live happily ever after. Although for Marnie this dream means much more. She works in a clothing factory owned by one of the most rich and famous people in the world, who just happens to be a vampir...