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  • Who Let The Vamps Out? (Boyxboy) ✔
    1.3M 82.1K 37

    *COMPLETED* (08.05.20) Noah Sorin is a 17-year-old genius who is sent on a mission to the Elite high school, Bran Prep High. His investigation? Vampires. What happens when Noah stumbles upon Aleksei Maksim Griffon, a vampire with beautiful pale skin, unruly raven-hair and eyes as blue as the ocean? "Don't fall in lo...

  • Fiancée for Hire (GirlxGirl)
    2.2K 316 13

    "Margot O'Dell destroys every beautiful and soft thing she touches," she spoke quietly. "She shuffles around lives like pieces on a chessboard. Don't marry her and become another pawn in her game." When Aspen Monroe gets fired from her job for challenging entitled billionaire Margot O'Dell, she's at a loss. Until she...