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  • Arttastic World
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    hahahahahaha someone stop me

  • Tiar's sketchbook 3
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    *groaaaaan* The third one-- thirrrd Yaa Eggplant king is back again, guys All drawings are mine, i'll credit to the owner if it's not mine Yes the cover is also mine, apparently It's crap but you'll have to see it anyway huehue Requests yes, art trades yes, collabs yes, fanarts yes No stealing, no copying, no tracing...

  • Arts from the trash
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    Here's some really crappy drawings, hopefully you'll enjoy something in here :'D

  • Arttastic World
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    I cant think of a good pun for the number 6. I might think of one later tho so hold onto ur butts

  • || Just my crappy drawings || (hella discontinued)
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    my old ass drawings, please spare yourself and just visit my twitter