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  • Autumn Leaves & Pumpkins Please
    221K 7.1K 44

    When Autumn visits London with her girl-squad, she is introduced to Xavier Montgomery during such a naughty, intoxicated event. Now in less formal words; Autumn has drunk sex with the most famous writer and former model of England and the world. After that Xavier -- the stone cold Briton who only has to snap his finge...

  • The Bad Boy's Heart (Bad Boy Series #2)
    25.1M 713K 35

    *SEQUEL to The Bad Boy's Girl' and cannot be read as a stand-alone. Tessa O'Connell is a girl as in love as possible. Her goal for her freshman year of college is live wholly and love deeply, a task made easy by the spectacular man whose name reminds her of ice-cream and who supplies her endlessly with Kit- Kats. But...

  • 5SOS Shit
    14.8M 800K 340

    Random shit related to 5SOS that the 5SOSFAM should know about because 5SOS is awesome. CAUTION: You may have a feels attack and/or a laughing fit. Credit to Tumblr :) Humor #674 9/9/14 COMPLETE :)

  • More 5SOS Shit
    4.1M 241K 202

    This is a sequel to my previous book "5SOS Shit". Basically, this book has a bunch of 5SOS shit that the 5SOS Fam should know about because 5SOS is awesome. If you haven't checked out my first book, please do! :) CAUTION: You may have a feels attack and/or a laughing fit. Humor #447/Fanfiction #723 9/9/14 Credit to T...

  • Heartbreakers [luke hemmings]
    1.6M 35.7K 42

    Tall, muscular, honey coloured hair styled in a quiff, baby blue eyes and sun kissed skin - Girls love him. They fall helplessly at his feet and consider it an honour to have a night of pleasure with him. This boy doesn't date, instead he sticks with his player buddies and breaks hearts with a simple 'no'. He's Mr.Pop...

  • Adopted by 5SOS
    26.4K 752 50

    A year ago two sisters were always together never separated, they're parents were the happiest. Until that all falls apart. They lost their mom in a bad car crash making their dad an alcoholic. One day they call the police because of the dad being abusive towards them. The police takes them away where they go to an or...

  • Torn in two (Luke Hemmings)
    214K 9.1K 65

    After the tragic death of Luke's wife Cara. He finds himself struggling hard. Isolating himself from everyone around him. Not being able to cope with their 6 children. He needs fixing. People suggest he should find someone new. Someone that will make him smile. But maybe one girl can fix him. Someone he never thought...