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  • Various! Spawn: The Animated Series x Female! Human! Reader Insert
    961 44 7

    Join (Y/n) (L/n) as you join the hell-spawn anti-hero, Spawn, on his journey to rid the city of villains and protect the world from all supernatural threats. Along the way, many characters (both good and evil) will become infatuated with you and they'll all try to either win your heart or make you theirs, forever. Wil...

  • вεαsтℓү ∂εcα∂εηcε: sεαsση σηε
    1K 32 10

    Born into an carnivorous prostitution haven ran by the pernicious gangs of the Black Market including the Shishigumi: a highly feared back-alley gang of lions, an adolescent gray wolf must confide within her walls of deception and survival instincts if she wants to remain a live. Bleu-Sorai is a beautiful, sexy and...

  • Ventrexian Feels
    18.4K 232 38

    Used to be the Lord Commander's second in command due to refusing to kill his own son and cooperating with a galactic tyrant, Avocato, a ventrexian bounty hunter in order to get his son back, needs to retreive specimen E35-1. Abandoned at the age of four, Pawblo another ventrexian, lives on Tera Con Prime, but struggl...

  • Call For Trust: A Final Space AU (Avocato x OC)
    489 30 8

    Pawblo has been alone all of his life. He's not very accustomed to other people around him, and prefers to be alone. But when Little Cato enters his life, it opens the door for a new chance at life and a new friend. Avocato and Pawblo meet, but they're just friends. Acquaintances, even. Are they, though? A FS AU takin...

  • Our Fate in the Stars (A Final Space Story)
    4K 94 33

    Anaya, a kind young women, was sentenced to three years aboard the Galaxy One. Now, she and her friends must work together to close a breach in space that threatens to consume the Earth, defeat the Lord Commander, and protect Anaya and Mooncake at all costs. Anaya, however, is unaware that she catches the eye(s) of se...

  • Fell For You (OC X Avocato)
    13.6K 86 17

    Hi, my name Kendrick. I'm a 26 years old and I was born with superhuman abilities. I'm a mutant. Me and my 9 year old son, Isaac, got lost in space. We were rescued by Gary Goodspeed, who later became my best friend. One day, a Ventrexian held us at gun point, but I fell in love with him. The problem is... Can I trust...

  • Surviving Final Space (Avocato x Male Reader)
    4.4K 88 20

    Y/N and the Team Squad are living together, getting challenges every day, but one day everything went completely wrong with no hope that they will have a happy ending. Y/N is very close to Avocato, but not everyone might get out alive... Story contains Avocato x reader. WARNING ⚠ some chapters will be nasty, so you c...

  • Eye of Horus (Persona 5)
    124K 3.5K 79

    Born in a different country, Mikono Tsutsui encounters difficulties when she moves to Japan with her parents. She becomes the target of rumors, but refuses to let them poison her mind. Eventually, she meets Ryuji and becomes close friends with him. Entering their second year together at Shujin Academy, Mikono and Ryu...

  • Morenatsu - Ten x OC (BXB)
    25.2K 489 29

    Joshua, a 16 year-old boy who is known worldwide as a young master chef and baker. As well as a young judo master. He goes to Waterfront Village with Hiroyuki for the summer and meets a tall, muscular wolf captain of judo. Will Joshua find love in the wolf?

    Completed   Mature
  • Home with you [Beastars Legoshi x fem!reader]
    6.3K 533 8

    [Sequel to "Home"] Finally, you're free to return to your normal life after everything that has happened. Having decided to drop out of school, you enter the big, scary world of adults. Dealing with a new job and your own apartment is hard enough, but having an annoying, racist beastar constantly looking over your sho...

  • Home [Beastars Legoshi x fem!reader]
    515K 24K 80

    When you tradgically die in an attempt to save a stranger and suddenly wake up very much alive in a world full of anthropromorphic animals, your life turns from crazy to absolutely insane. Dealing with feral carnivores, racist herbivores and an awkward love life as the only human in Cherryton Academy, you also cannot...

    Completed   Mature
  • together again ||bxb|| BNA fanfiction
    26.3K 903 22

    welp here I am is tim creating another story I watched BNA and fell in love with all the characters they were all so adorable and shirou ogami is one handsome beastman so this is about him and my male!oc. it the plot as usual but I added some of my own elements to it ÙwÚ BXB no like? NO READ! (simple)

  • Shirou Ogami x OC
    5.7K 118 25

    This is a story about Fri Jiro and Shirou Ogami about their leading love for one another, this was recently thought up in my head so It doesn't matter if it gets popular, I just wanted to write it down. Do hope some people like it though! (WARNING ABUSE AND SOME RAPE WARNING LATER ON SORRY FOR THAT)

    Completed   Mature
  • Attune OC(kinda reader) x Shirou Oogami
    5.9K 221 17

    After a freak accident, my oc is forced into isolation from friends and any family that isn't her immediate family. She meets a tanuki girl and white wolf by chance as everything falls apart. Join her as she travels on adventures, solves crimes and defeats bad guys until the story comes to an end or the author gets ti...

  • Spirit in the Sky: Rocket Raccoon x Reader
    11.8K 281 15

    "(Y/N) Quill. Adoptive sister of Peter Quill. Abducted from Terra by Yondu a few years after her brother. Threat level high. Extreme caution is recommended." "What a bunch of idiots."

  • Silver Pelt (Shirou x Human! Reader)
    2.2K 106 10

    "If you despise humans so much, than why am I an acceptance?" 'I wish I could tell her, but she won't understand.' In which a Wolf Beastman had found one specific human interesting.

  • Two Of A Kind
    344 8 4

    You were a young adult, the age of 16. After the accident years ago, you adapted to your new life style of hiding your other form from your parents along with your two brothers, Nico and Hoshi. You also began to change the way you felt as a human. You didn't feel as though you wanted to be a girl anymore. You didn't...

  • 《What's it like?》 ♧Ogami Shirou x Cross Fox!Reader♤ BNA
    488 22 3

    When news spread about the existence of beastmen, a secret lab founded by a cult goes out in search of suitable humans to kidnap and experiment on, and turn into beastmen of their own. Unfortunately, a kind and generous human was one of the many who were chosen, yet one of the very few who made it out. Code 1702B, for...

  • BNA: A New Beastly Mystery
    359 9 6

    We all know Michiru and Nazuna suffer from a so called disease that they named Beast-man-Itis, but what happens when Mayor Rose enlists the help of Shirou and Michiru to track down a female wolf that goes by the name Kage (Kag-Aye) Kiba (Keeb a) which means Shadow Fang. When upon finding her they realize that she is j...

  • Hating One Another ( BNA + OC )
    64 3 2

    Reinii Furuya is a former news reporter/researcher for a news station in the human world. Rei had been offer an promotion, but in the most talkative BNA ..'Beastmen News Anima' in Anima City. Good pay, apartment, more story making. Her former boss even rented a yacht to cross the waters to Anima city. What could go...

  • Mate Of The Silver Wolf (Shiro OgamiXReader)
    283 8 2

    Anima City has finally opened up its gates to the humans. You being one of them are going in a group of a hundred that will be able to visit the city. Upon arrival you bump into Michiru Kagemori a childhood friend you hadn't seen in forever, but you didn't think she would have turned out to be a beastman. With her is...

  • BNA (Brand New Animal) - Shirou Ogami x reader
    13.7K 468 6

    Watched BNA, and now inspired by it! Hope you guys enjoy it, it's my first story so far (*^^*) Characters do not belong to me, but the story and cover does! And if you haven't seen BNA, you should watch it, it's amazing!!! (*'꒳'*)

  • Shirou Ogami x reader/OC
    15.8K 403 16

    What if Michiru wasn't the only one affected by the Beastman disease? What if she has a close friend on her journey, experiencing the same thing as her. Find out

  • The Infinity War
    1.3K 29 3

    Everything had finally became such happily ever after for (Y/N) and Rocket. It was peaceful, so peaceful that they couldn't even hear the sound of water dripping. They had finally became partners, nothing could go wrong. Well, that what they thought it would be. There are no such as 'happily ever after'. There will al...

  • ::Lab rat:: (Beastars x Human! Reader)
    21.6K 678 13

    You were made from a lab experiment. After years of being tested on you finally escape, finding yourself at Cherryington high school. You disguise yourself, making sure you don't look human. You start to make friend, and even catch the attention of some students. But all good things come to an end, when the men in whi...

  • Let Me Down Slowly
    8.5K 205 38

    "I wish I can find happiness" It was just a wish, to a lonely girl name Alison. It was just a wish. Wishes aren't real but somewhat it made her go into a different world. Into the world of Beastar. Will she able get her wish or find something even greater?

  • Not So ALONE (beastars x male reader or oc)
    13.2K 369 30

    Jay isn't a normal teenager. He grew up in an unstable household with his father. Jay's mother died leaving jay with his abusive father. Decisions he makes will lead to good or bad. Making his life harder every choice. Until he makes a good choice which changes things up. I do not own any of the beastar characters of...

  • The New Kid (Legosi x Reader WIP)
    6.9K 88 5

    Hhnggh I simp for Legosi 🥺 Will Be Updated (Plan to have about 10 Chapters) Fluff and Smut so be warned kiddos ⚠️

  • Tales of Berseria The X: Beyond Calamity
    29.1K 2.7K 48

    As the Era of Asgard crumbles, the sins of the past stand poised to consume the world. Despair and Salvation must join together to forge a new road, or all shall be lost. What possibilities will such a union bring? Experience the original story of "Tales of Berseria" as Avernus Diphda; the self-exiled Shepherd of the...

  • Memoirs of a Cherryton Drop Out (Legoshi x Reader)
    39.4K 1.5K 32

    There's two ways to read this book. 1. As the fourth and final book in my Beastars series. 2. As a stand alone. I won't promise that option two will make complete sense, but I'll try my best. Forcibly torn from Melon's grip, you need time to recover. Can you do that with a strange gray wolf hovering around?

    Completed   Mature