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  • If Hate Leads to Suffering... | Obi Wan Kenobi
    101K 4K 25

    A simple reassignment; a new Master to train under. But it's not so simple, not when Xaela's feelings grow for the man she could never have. And during a war nonetheless. If hate leads to suffering, what does love lead to? !! This story has two different endings, one where Anakin doesn't turn, and the chapters marke...

  • The Desolate Jedi | Luke Skywalker
    17.9K 534 12

    Raised on Dagobah by her master, Yoda, Eleri lives a quiet life. There's only so much an esteemed Jedi Master can teach when his student has no Force sensitivity. And then Luke Skywalker shows up. [Episode V] This is a lot shorter than my normal works, so we're gonna call this a drabble, I guess.

  • Partners | The Mandalorian
    94.5K 3.2K 21

    "We're partners now." "Partners?" "Yea, you know," she spoke to the Mandalorian but made faces at the child to make him coo. "Like partners in crime." ~*~ [I do not own the Star Wars franchise, all characters besides my own are the property of Disney and Lucasfilms]

  • Stitches | Poe Dameron
    437K 12.1K 23

    The story of girl named Lyla, best surgeon in the Resistance. Her one rule: do her job without anyone - ANYONE - finding out about her past. And Poe Dameron, best pilot in the Resistance, who has a thing for breaking rules. [Time takes place before The Force Awakens.] [I do not own the Star Wars franchise, all chara...