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  • Book Covers | Open
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    FREE COVERS HERE !! Need help with a cover for your works? Well, you've came to the right place. I make covers and pictures chosen will be based on the genre of your story or your request (if any). *no 'payment' is required but I hope you will give me credits for the covers I have designed for you* Do read on for mor...

  • Quarantine
    933K 60.4K 71

    When a deadly disease ravages the town of Holmsley, Frankie and her friends find themselves trapped inside a military-blockaded quarantine zone. ***** A story that was first published in 2014 and feels more relevant than ever. Fifteen-year-old Frank...

  • Nice Girls
    289K 29.7K 38

    about a girl who loved everyone and forgot herself along the way. # some high rank in s h o r t s t o r y

  • The Dead Woods
    36.4K 1.3K 4

    THE PAID ACTORS AT THE NECROVILLE SURVIVAL EXPERIENCE ARE VERY GOOD AT PRETENDING TO BE ZOMBIES. TOO GOOD... When Will and his friends decide to spend one last night together after graduating university, none of them realise the danger that lurks in plain sight. At first they're having fun, caught up in the thrill of...

  • for the guy with the grey sweater
    782K 68.9K 62

    for the guy i see every so often but i'm too shy to talk to

  • Balconial Conversations
    2.3M 162K 101

    bal-co-nee-al ; of or referring to a balcony \\ in which a cynical girl and a disastrously (self-characterized) aromantic psychology student have daily discussions between neighbouring balconies \\ #1 in short story june & july 2k15 \\ book 1

  • The One Without Words
    1.4M 51.2K 31

    After three months in juvenile detention, it's time for Romy Mae to help out with her family's flower shop. And it's not all bad... until they hire Jack Michel to work beside her. He doesn't speak, communicating with glares and scowls instead of words, and with an ex-convict mother and the flower shop falling apart...