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  • Found Them✔️
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    (complete) Third story of FOUND SERIES Story of Roman El Ricci and Jennifer Fernandez. ROMAN El Ricci he is a 28 year old young man.He is a kind, smart, handsome and dream boy of every girl. although he is flirt but he doesn't disrespect women. he just have girlfriend for sometime and break up with them until he had a...

  • We Found Her✔️
    248K 3.5K 11

    Editing (completed) First story of FOUND SERIES Story of Sara and Ryan SARA SMITH A 23yrs old sweet, kind yet sassy and independent woman. A Famous designer, living in LA. Loves her passion. Is an all rounder. Loves kids a lot but what will happen when she Accidentally meets a little boy... RYAN EL RICCI A 28yrs old c...

  • Found by destiny ✔️
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    (completed) Second story of FOUND SERIES Story of Reysh El Ricci and Alia Reysh El Ricci 25 yrs old CEO of El Ricci empire. He is strict with his work but kind to his employees he is not ruthless but not nice either it's like if you are good he is good if you are bad he is worst. Loves his family more than anything...

  • Found Love✔️
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    (completed) Fourth and last story of FOUND SERIES.. Story of Sia El Ricci and Dr kelvin russo Sia El Ricci 25 year old beautiful, kind and bold lady. She is the heaven in her world of music and queen when comes to her modelling. She is treated as princess by her brothers and father. But she learnt to give and earn res...