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  • Wild Rose (BOOK 1 - COMPLETED ✓) (BOOK 2 - COMPLETED ✓)
    1.4M 26.2K 41

    RATED SPG!!She's Mine Side Story. Devon's face turned red with rage. "You bitch!!" He said, sharply. I laughed, lips curled up in amusement. "I'm what you said.Thanks to you." I said and waved my hand dismissively. "What can I say, I've learned from the best." I added with a smirk playing on my perfect lips. Devon sud...

  • Romancing The Ice Prince
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    He's my dark past, my once happy-go-lucky ex, he's my mistake, my secret, he's the heartless jerk, he's my sweetest downfall, he's the cold-hearted bastard,. And he's Miguel Angelo Tan, my boss. He gripped me by my waist. "You are mine. Mine, Rein. Mine. Understood?" malamig at mariin niyang saad. His aqua stare maki...