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  • Taming The King | jjk
    2.8K 107 6

    "A girl who is dirty and I, the top idol doesn't match well right? So stop daydreaming because I will never claim someone like you."

  • Loved By The King Of Nights✔️ | kth
    146K 6.6K 40

    "You know, once a royal vampire claims someone, they'll chase them for hundreds, thousands, millions of years or should I say, for forever and ever" he looked at me intensingly and then smiled. "I, Kim Taehyung, the Moon King Vampire or King of Nights decided to claim a human named, Kang Ryu." He said and put an earri...

  • She Was Claim By The King Of Ace ✔️ | pjm
    67.9K 2.8K 31

    Rank: #64 in Romance #1 in Ace "I, Park Jimin, claim you as mine" He smirk at me and look at the necklace which he had given to me. With that, I got angry and I know in my veins that I hate him from the bottom of my heart. Just because he is a billionare, doesn't mean that I am a thing. Started: February...