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  • Band Jokes
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    Includes Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Black Veil Brides, and more [Property of Previous Owner: Cecilia] [Credit to Tumblr]

  • Dear Brendon • Brendon Urie
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    When Brendon causes a fan to take her own life, she is forced to fulfill her mission by contacting him from the grave. Can she change him for the better, or is she forever stuck in purgatory?

  • Call It An Obsession ⊷ Brendon Urie || Book 1
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    He was her teacher. She was his obsession. YouTube Trailer: Call It An Obsession // Wattpad

  • Panic! at the Disco Lyrics
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    Panic! at the Disco lyrics

  • Brendon Urie Quotes/Moments
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    Your collection of majestic Brendon Urie moments

  • The Naked Truth [Ryden]
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    The sex industry was a dangerous place, everyone knew that. Sure, it had its perks, but for glamour model Ryan Ross, the only perk was being asked to partake in a photoshoot with gorgeous pornstar Brendon Urie, a man he both hated and admired. That single photoshoot might just have been the detonation that started ev...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Face in the Crowd. {Brendon Urie Fanfic}
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    Brendon Urie and his band are on tour in USA and stop for summerfest. As they are preforming, Brendon spots someone in the crowd which he can't keep his eyes off of the entire Preformance. Something puzzled him about this person and wants to meet, but he can't find that person after the show. He looks everywhere and i...

  • I'll Believe In You {A Brendon Urie} Love Story
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    Izabel Rose was just looking for a change in her life. Her High School years would soon be over and she still didn't know what she wanted. When she meets Brendon Urie her life is suddenly flipped upside down. Come back in time with me to when the band Panic! At the Disco was just beginning their senior year. Just keep...

  • Adopted By Who? (Panic at the disco / Brendon urie fanfic)
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    Liz is your average 16 year old girl, she finds herself in Panic! At The Discos tour bus when she wakes up and meets the man who saved her life.... Will she stay or will she go?

  • Are you saving me? (Brallon/Ryden)
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    Brendon and Dallon just met. Is it love at first sight? Or will an ex band member get in between them (completed 1/10/15)

  • Adopted (Book 1) *EDITING*
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    Sydney was only 3 when her mom and dad died in a tragic car crash. After that, she spent the next 12 years living in different foster homes. Her life all of a sudden changes when she gets adopted by her favorite singer, Brendon Urie.

  • Adapt To Changes (Book 2)
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    (SEQUEL TO ADOPTED READ ADOPTED BEFORE READING.) It's Sydney's first summer living with Brendon and she loves it. Well, until a woman comes into Brendon's life. Although he loves his girlfriend, she hates Sydney and Sydney absolutely hates her. While all this is happening, an old band member decides to show up at Bre...

  • if you love me, let me go ;; brendon urie
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    When Macy meets her idol,Brendon Urie,at her job,they start a relationship. But what will do them apart?