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  • "How can I save us?" - Brusnop
    20.6K 767 45

    High school times is where it gets started. What are they going through? Ben and Danny meet and that's where the thing is getting started...

  • The Devil's Notebook
    3.7K 73 4

    The Devil's Notebook is the fourth book written by Anton LaVey. It was published by Feral House in 1992; the first original collection of LaVey's writings to be published in two decades.

  • Personal Jesus (Twiggy Ramirez and Marilyn Manson Fan Fiction)
    23.4K 885 19

    Brian Warner manages to befriend the new boy in school, Jeordie White. However, Jeordie hides the truth about his life and puts on an act. Will Brian be the one to hear his prayers, be the one who cares and eventually save him?