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  • Hot Potato
    4.7K 468 55

    Gianna doesn't know what she wants most - a husband, a lover or her own restaurant. She has just lost her job and kicked out her latest fling, so with her meagre savings, all three seem remote at the moment. A lighthearted yet deeply serious look at an emerging relationship between an aromantic bi and a demisexual as...

  • Impressionsweise
    6.8K 1.3K 43

    »Weißt du, was mich interessiert?« »Warum ich dich das gefragt habe und das jeden Tag?« »Ja genau.« »Weil du die Dinge anders siehst. Also anders wahrnimmst. So wie ich.« Eine Geschichte, die von so viel mehr handelt als nur "das" Leben und zufälligen Begegnungen. Die gewohnheitsliebende Ronja, die die Welt auf i...

  • Forgive Me
    287 52 2

    Anya Nair was a 4th year nursing school student. She was this introverted girl who preferred to sit alone in her favourite coffee shop and complete her assignments and studies after college hours but things changed one day when she met someone from her past who she never wanted to meet again. Who is that someone? To...

  • The Broken Soundtrack
    8.7K 1.3K 44

    Sometimes we choose what we only want to hear... **** Shy and awkward Jannah Mariz Colston moves to Moss Vale for college, hoping to learn independence and most importantly, find her dad. She hasn't seen him ever and her mom doesn't want her to. The only memory she has of him is the tiny photo on her heart locket, but...

  • Criminals Like Us
    3.8K 21 1

    Status: UNDER REVISION. The prominent lawbreakers were sent on a mission. A mission that will cost their lives, or can change it. ***** Vance Arden got arrested when his partner revealed his erroneous job to the Classified Investigatory Unit. As the Major Commander takes in charge of him, Arden encountered the vicious...

    Completed   Mature
  • Talk To Me
    5.3K 774 38

    Oliver Brown holds the gift of seeing spirits. After losing his grandmother, he neglected the purpose of his ability, and soon after, lived a ghostless life. But when Oliver's younger sister is discovered murdered in the woods, he desperately wanted to talk to her. This time, Oliver relied on his gift to find out what...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Dichotomy Between Half-Full & Half-Empty
    855 553 44

    Five black folks on some version of an Earth-like planet, in some concept of time, decide to peacefully live their last 24 hours together when it's announced that an asteroid would hit their planet. However, last day on the planet or not, bigots will still practice bigotry, and minorities will not be allowed to die in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Beautiful Minds
    241K 8.8K 83

    Lord Robert Stark, a science genius and inventor, has to create the greatest invention of his career, in order to prove to his cold and distant father, that he's worthy of his love. ******* Lord Robert Stark is a Marquess, science genius, business mogul and more importantly, the Rake of London. His latest work in pro...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Boss's Baby
    346K 12.1K 26

    When the law firm she works for takes on a new senior lawyer, Jane Truman finds herself faced with the prospect of working for a man she did not and could not respect. As she fights against his unethical practices, she finds herself fighting an attraction she refused to acknowledge. A moment of weakness leaves lasting...

    Completed   Mature
    3.6K 671 27

    Tabitha Stephens was a bright girl with a perfect life until a violent fight separated her parents. She had to mature rather quickly in other to step in as a mother figure for her siblings. Now a teenage girl naive in the dealings of love and boys, she might be her undoing. Will she make the right decisions? *******NO...

  • Never Bend...
    2.1K 330 58

    Annie, this girl is so impetuous whenever she feels at ease. I contemplate her sleeping figure. A smile plasterer's its way over my lips. I am not myself around her. I can't maintain a stoic face around her. I inhale the scent of her perfume. She is so beautiful, smart, funny.. What is there not to like? Can I let h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Banisher
    796 300 48

    (Now editing. Complete rough draft published) Eben, a banishing angel born of soldier blood, is destined to protect Mortals from the evils that plague their surface. There's just one problem, he wants nothing to do with them. But when he meets Morgan, a rude, self-indulgent, rebel of a girl with a passion for slaying...

  • Once upon another Eden: Adam (mlm) Book 2
    1.2K 267 52

    TUT_stories presents Once upon another Eden: Adam BOOK 2 in the OUAE series For Phoenix Eden, Adam was always the boy who would never love him back, and he was okay with that. But what if Adam was not? What if Adam wanted more? After ghosting his friends for four years, Adam finds himself once again roped into the lif...

    Completed   Mature