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  • Awakening, Dark Rituals Book 1 - Wattpad Featured/ Wattpad Prize - Best Suspense
    2.3M 60.5K 45

    :::Wattpad Featured Story & 2014 Wattpad Prize Winner - Best Suspense Story:::: In Awakening, the first installment in the Dark Rituals series, a former healer turns to the Death Arts to seek revenge. Seventeen-year-old Colina was born a healer. But after a horrific event forces her to leave her clan, she becomes desp...

  • Evil (Short Story)
    261K 4.5K 1

    Ouija. It's only a game, isn't it?

  • Unleashed
    89.5K 2.7K 16

    But it's just a game.... Selected as a featured story by the @OuijaMovie! Now available on Amazon & Audible with bonus chapters! Copyright © 2014 by Janae Mitchell. All rights reserved.

  • The Ouija Board
    46.9K 1K 27

    Evelyn, Tayler, and Kyle are three best friends living together in a big house. They love the paranormal, until they get an Ouija Board. Their world turns upside down. They go through crazy paranormal experiences, tough times, and really sticky situations. Will they get through it all? Or suffer forever at the hands o...

  • Murder House
    40.9K 1.4K 12

    From Ouija boards to myths and scenes to make you wish you didn't come back the Murder house has it all. All of the demon games and myths that plague you in your nightmares and gorish movies come to life in one house. So why would someone live there? Where spirits roam the halls, both peaceful and evil, but when calle...

  • ouija § lrh
    20.7K 1.2K 22

    maybe ghosts aren't just something kids are scared of. completed ©adville-2014

  • The Normal Test
    8.9K 583 38

    "I can't really explain what happened to me, but I can try. I wouldn't call what I got a "gift" because it was more of a curse. I wouldn't even call it "power" because it made me weak. It didn't make me special. It made me a freak, a weirdo, but wasn't I always one of those?" Jayden Barnes and her four best friends, H...