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  • Deceived Marriage #Wattys2017 (Completed)
    607K 21.1K 47

    #2 in general fiction on 18/3/17 # 4 in general fiction on 14/3/17 abdirahmanballin-"OMG! Best book I've ever read in my life." 20yr old Sofia Sharma had to marry the heir of Verma industries Vikram Verma in order to pay for her parents mistake. Everyone including her parents and husband will betray her in the worst...

  • Mr.Stone *Sample*
    695K 5K 7

    The story of two different people... "Mr.Stone" like called by everyone is a great business man. He is the CEO of Stone corporations in Mumbai. He earned this position with a lot of hard work. It is life for him. Actually, 'Mr.Stone' is not his real name and no, he is not named like that after his company's name. Ah...

  • He said "I Do" *Sample*
    464K 2.9K 8

    "I Do" hearing those two words coming from him breaks my heart into million pieces again. I lost him forever. Everything is happening infront of me. I closed my eyes and started thinking about our memories and trying to forget them forever. Then we heard "No!" shocking each and one of us. But who cares, He said "I Do...

  • Mistake is mine *Sample*
    253K 2.4K 9

    Seven boys became best friends when they were just 12years old. Now even after 14years nothing changed between them. These seven best friends live in individual houses but in the same compound. They all studied in the same school and even in same college. They all even saw the same dream and fulfilled it by starting ...

  • Baby Daddy
    2.6M 52.9K 30

    Tristan Kane is a famous football player. Tristan's sister Abigail is an only mother of a baby girl. After Abigail's death Tristan is appointed legal guardian. Can Tristan raise a child while staying at the peak of his career. Or will Tristan seek help from a new friend?

  • Crush? No! Love. *Sample*
    221K 2.2K 8

    Meet Sara 22years old graduate with a loving Indian family. Her Father Mr. Rajesh kapoor who seems like a typical strict father but actually a best friend to his children. Her Mother Mrs. Shruthi kapoor who is sweeter than any dessert. Her Brother Rithesh who is Three years older than her is like every protective br...

  • The Pursuit
    860K 22.1K 33

    Bethany Bridges leaves the town she grew up in Washington to pursue her dreams of becoming an architect in the big city of Seattle. An internship position opens up at a new company which could be a big break for her. A college drop out and with little money saved up? This could be a chance of a lifetime. Leaving behin...

  • Bound
    2.6M 65.6K 37

    Two very different people who shares one common thing: They're afraid of falling in love. Eleanor Edeson, a mother of two, is an independent woman who has to work hard for the things she has in life. Parker Jenkins, the most-sought out bachelor in the country of England, has things served for him on a silver platter a...

  • Starting Over (Completed)
    1M 20.5K 26

    When Matthew Taylor loses his wife of 5 years Julie who he's loved since high school, because she makes the most ultimate sacrifice a mother can make, he's heartbroken, sad, lost and left all alone to raise their 3 month old daughter Savannah, so he hires a nanny (Ava Carson) to help, but most of all will he be able t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Meant To Be Yours { Unavailable}
    297K 7.9K 32

    We were arranged to be married and destined to be apart. I am Naina Kapoor and this is my story. ©Sneha Mishra 2014

  • DESIRED LOVE- Hasratey
    215K 6.6K 26

    There is this plum cute girl called Mahi who has lead an ignorant life but wishes for sum1 who cares 4 her. Will her dreams be dreams only or they would turn to reality? And when dreams come true, do you stop and think 'was this i wanted'? Can love be enough to led a life or one needs more than that? Happy Reading :)

  • Kashmaakash- a confused heart
    10.1K 361 11

    There are times when our heart stuck between making decisions logically and "dilogically". We at many times face a confusion, a heart throbbing dilemma of 'to do' and 'not-to-do' this tale is the tale o hearts regarding the same.

  • Unexpected marriage *Sample*
    187K 2.5K 6

    Everything is set. Bride is ready and also Groom for a perfect Indian wedding. Parents of both Bride and Groom are happy as they have good name in society and going to be a great occasion for both families. But due to the unnecessary concern of Groom's Brother, Tragic happens. Let's see what happens if we believe only...

  • EHSAAS -feelings left unsaid
    109K 3.4K 28

    Story of two sisters, one of whom have her heart inadvertently fallen for someone outside her religion but she chooses family over love-does her sister supports this idea of hes or she has her own thoughts...! Have a happy reading :)

  • The Greek Tycoon's Baby
    12.6M 252K 23

    Evelyn White is in love with her boss, Alexander Stefopoulos. Has been since the first month she began working as his secretary. One night she hoped there was something more than their professional relationship. But the next morning her hopes were crashed down. Only problem? Their night of passion left something behin...

  • Catch Me
    27.3M 713K 32

    Five years ago, Chloe Petrakis was badly hurt by her almost two-year boyfriend, Iñigo Monteiro. He broke up with her because she became so clingy, demanding and possessive. The worse part was, he did it during her sixteenth birthday party. It was so traumatic for her, that for years, she became so devastated and heart...