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  • 🔍 Silver Tongue (Slow Updates) 🔎
    1.8K 294 18

    Robin Hood meets James Bond in this new Action Thriller ----------------------- What do you do when the world's most wanted man goes missing? That's my problem. Silver Tongue's a man of many faces; a nightmare to oligarches and a thief of hearts to the common man. There are those who want to kill him, sleep with him o...

  • Second
    11.7K 1.6K 33

    You know those glamorous, fascinating people who are guaranteed to find excitement? Edith isn't one of them. It's Carmen who's trying to stop a war that could tear apart an increasingly fragile empire; Edith just happens to know her. I had gotten tired of stories about heroes and decided to try writing something f...

  • A Grace of Crowns | Wattys 2016 Winner
    867K 63.1K 85

    ❖ TWISTED KINGDOMS Book 1 ❖ Traitor. Spy. Assassin. This is Isla's quest for the truth, and her slow spiral into becoming her very own worst nightmare. When the gods ascended thousands of years ago, they left behind the divine gift of theurgy. Its powers still echo amongst men, but run fiercer yet in the blood of king...

  • Birthright
    723 114 5

    The (not really) much-awaited sequel to Second. Carmen searches for information about her family; Edith helps.

  • Plunder (The Pirate King Series, Book 1)
    3.8M 137K 32

    He just wants her booty, but she'll end up stealing his heart. ***** After pirates kidnap seventeen-year-old Ana in a case of mistaken identity, the orphaned housemaid prepares for the worst. Instead, between a shipwreck, mutiny, and her growing fee...

  • Marrow Charm
    662K 871 11

    ****Taken down for publication with Parliament House Press in 2019*** ****Bonus Story Available: The House of Seven Smiles***** ***Wattys 2015 Winner!!!*** Magic runs bone deep... In a world overrun by monsters, humans struggle for survival underground. Magic is feared and reviled, but rooted deep in the bloodlines of...

  • Cursed Times - Only Yesterday! Sequel to Wattys 2015 winner!
    72.1K 10.1K 70

    By accident rather than design, Trueth - one of the last European witches - finds herself in an ancient Egyptian civilisation. It isn't quite what she has expected - for one thing this place is as full of magic as it is lacking in decent showers. Instead, there is evil lurking just below the surface of the Nile. T...

  • The Awakening of James Island
    52.1K 845 5

    ISLAND LEGENDS is an epic fantasy adventure series set in a galaxy reeling from devastating wars, filled with countless alien species, a rich history of powerful magical forces, and the interventions of many gods and demons constantly at war. *** James Island was born two years ago as a fully grown man. While struggl...

  • Cursed Times - What Now?
    144K 13.5K 53

    Get out your popcorn, tourists beware, here comes a paranormal adventure with a historical twist, set in Egypt--and Britain. From Chapter 29 'Darkness': 'Did I just try to dive into that goo to get at a dead guy?' Trueth asked. Define dead,' Metjen said with a half-smile. He muttered something and touched Trueth...

  • The Windcaster [Fantasy/Adventure | Featured | Complete ]
    936K 48.7K 65

    THE WIND ON FIRE meets STUDIO GHIBLI's LAPUTA. Tia, a wind magic trainee, desires to leave her life of monotony in a cosy seaside town. When summons arrived for the wind masters, she travels with her mentor to the capital and realises the extent of the great power and responsibilities destined for her in the corrupt c...

  • Dark Magic and the Forgotten Memories (Book 1 of the Shadow Chronicles)
    435K 26.1K 53

    Highest Ranking in Fantasy: #1 A boy wakes up on a shore wounded, with no recollection of his past. Left with little options he heads recklessly into a village, working for the Shadow King, the self-declared ruler of Astrania. And that's where it all begins. . . The adventures he goes through, the hardships he faces...