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  • Project NARNIA
    268 26 7

    Over 100 years ago, the president of the United States declared nuclear war. Cue the sudden rise of an authoritarian regime and World War III. In their aftermath, ruins of developing and strong, modern nations alike. To prevent great, terrible men from consolidating such power ever again, the US implemented Project NA...

  • Villain Academy #JustWriteIt [WATTY AWARD WINNER OF 2015]
    1M 56.9K 27

    WATTY AWARD WINNER OF 2015 - #JustWriteIt Challenge ✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾ The hero of her dreams was too bad to be true. ✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾✾ Villain Academy; where all the psychotic teenagers are trained to be the world's best villains. Try being the baddest of them all when the Puberty Truck is smacking...

  • Georgetown Academy, Book One
    1.5M 15K 19

    In a town where one misstep can turn into a national scandal, the students at D.C.’s elite Georgetown Academy know there’s only one rule: whatever you do, don’t get caught.

  • The Mighty Ones' Fall
    9.3K 343 22

    Jace didn't want to help the girl standing out in the rain. He really didn't. He knew she would be trouble - the look on her face told him so. But when the minotaur started to chase the poor girl down the street, he was finally forced to step in. Unfortunately, Jace had been right about one thing: Layna was t...

  • A Siren's Crown (Book Two in the APK Trilogy)
    3.7M 129K 38

    Book Two in the A Pirate's Kiss Trilogy (Original Title - A Pirate's Kiss: Sunken Treasures) Circe is back and she is up in the air. Literally. She is a guest at the Royal Air Temples and with Nathaniel back by her side, she suddenly feels as though she can take on the world. But the world might be slightly bigger th...

  • A Little Bit Pyro
    284K 3.8K 27

    Ref's biggest problem is his ability to make girls cry. That is, besides the teeny, tiny, incident four years ago that people just can't forget. But he's cured--according to his therapist. When the principal can't find the person behind a new round of thieving and vandalism, Ref's name once again graces the top of...

  • The Forest Gods' Reign [Published]
    49.1K 1K 32

    Ashley and her friends became the first people ever to go into the forbidden forest and come out alive when they were just 6 years old, so they alone know what dangerous monsters hide there. But little did they know, there was a reason they survived. Years later, the 4 friends discover that they are reinca...