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  • Her smile His favourite sight ✔️
    549K 31.5K 43

    "Isn't it beautiful? Two people who didn't even Know each other once, Now pray for each other's happiness Even before their own." ....... "What did you say?" Ayaan growls with his dangerously low voice scaring the shit out of the poor girl whose heart is trembling in fear but also excitement at the thought of annoyi...

  • His Ain (Complete)
    1.2M 69.3K 39

    ZARKHAN ALI AWAN (AGE 25) A feudal lord , a business man and conquerer .He believed in owning everything he liked , if he couldnt get it, he would destroy it .He had an ego and temper which rivaled his father's . AIN NAQVI(AGE 18) A young innocent girl , who was always sheltered . the death of her parents took her to...

    Completed   Mature
  • HiS HOOR ( Complete)
    1.4M 67.6K 40

    HOOR SIDDIQUI Life has never been easy for me, nor i think it would ever be .after coming to my father 's place, i thought , i will be left alone . But i was wrong .my step mother couldnt bear my presence for long and now i am being married at the age of 18. I cant wish for something good , but i hope that things dont...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love starts after Nikkah
    808K 19.1K 18

    Every girl, whether she is confident or not, at time of nikkah, become hesitated to say yes. The feeling that your sur name is going to change and you are giving your life to another person is very horrible. Same was the case with Saba. She saw toward Sahir who was looking to another side. His face was so serious that...

  • Accidental Nikkah
    770K 43.4K 80

    Aayan Ibrahim. At the age of 25, A successful business man. Strict and Arrogant appearance. Has a Complicated family. Loves his mother alot. Has and trusts only his best friend since long, Zubair Mustafa. Ruhee Shariff. At the age of 19, living the perfect college life. Cheerful and Happy, but has her moods Her f...

  • Halaal Love
    596K 25.3K 54

    Everyone is given a choice in love. To take it seriously or not. To make it Halal, or Haram. Habibah, a twenty two years old Muslimah is being pressured by her mother to take her life into a completely new stage, that is marriage. Her mother pressures her to the extent that Habibah is almost engaged to her own childh...

  • A Match Made In Jannah
    247K 15.5K 78

    HIGHEST RANKING: #8 IN MUSLIM LOVE This Islamic love story plays a modern twist on religious customs while remaining Halaal. Embark on a journey of love and heartbreak with Husna and Zaid as they discover their identities and the definition of love, true love "Haraam love starts in high school and ends when you make...

  • Behind You✔️
    749K 33.4K 51

    {Book One: Abdallah series} "I'm sorry jawad" I stammered feeling his warm breath fanning my face, and his dark eyes boring into mine, with hate evident on his face. He pinned me against the wall once again, looking straight into my eyes. A warm tears made it way down my chin, which I had no strength in stopping them...

  • The journey of Ahlam and Ayman ✔️
    98K 6.7K 33

    If your looking for a cliché Islamic story! Alhamdulilah you have made it to the right place 📚😊. Ahlam Rahman and Ayman Haq! The journey all began with an accidental glance at Islamic class. Join them to find out more about the highs and lows of their marriage. Ahlam Rahman - 22 years old! The most kind and caring...