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  • the unraveling of natasha romanoff
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    kate and yelena started dating after new year's, and even though yelena's moving on with her life and getting used to being with another person, she's still stuck on natasha. she has so many questions and wants her answers, even though she's not sure what to expect. what if natasha wasn't who she remembered? what if n...

  • not how it's supposed to go
    2.9K 149 12

    following a weird twist of events when yelena worked on processing her grief, everything settled into a new rhythm involving a lot of time spent with kate and peter. however, summer's approaching, and kate and yelena are spending a couple of weeks with the bartons and natasha's still-alive girlfriend. issue is; natash...

  • rain is always gonna come
    940 49 5

    yelena's not exactly the most emotionally fluid person in the world. she knows anger, she knows grief, she knows sadness, she knows happiness, she knows love. but she doesn't always know how to handle it. so when she ends up on her big sister's couch in the midst of a depressive episode, natasha's desperate to do anyt...

  • i can go anywhere i want (just not home)
    533 49 7

    kate bishop isn't really good at handling anything. so shocker, she isn't doing too great post-breaking up with yelena. but with the help of an nb god and peter parker, she can do anything. kind of. she still needs to graduate.

  • too young to know it gets better
    514 26 9

    yelena belova is first and foremost a black widow assassin. she's sure that's most of all she'll ever be. so, when sonya calls asking for help with a widow and yelena's already in a mood and needs a distraction, she jumps at the opportunity. maybe a little too fast, though, because she doesn't tell natasha or clint or...

  • till forever falls apart
    1.5K 102 38

    yelena never expected to hate being right as much as she hates it now. she knew something was wrong, she told isabel, she insisted. she knew it. she just didn't expect that something to be cancer.

  • we interrupt this program
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    wanda maximoff has lost too much in this life, and that list now includes her country. but now that she's in the united states and accompanied by her brother (who drives her so insanely crazy), she's trying to piece her life back together. - and somehow, that involves a redhead soviet-turned-american spy. weird.