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  • TEARS AND KISSES // R. M. //
    3.5K 18 5

    A story of love, hurt, manipulation and regret... a story about tears being wiped away with kisses.

  • The 1975 IMAGINES:)
    66.1K 767 13

    So I've notice there's not many good imagines of the I've decided to create one!:) if you have any request asked away!

  • Ross MacDonald Imagines
    15.2K 158 18

    Reposting my Ross fics that are on Tumblr here for safe keeping :) Will be updated with all of the new fics I've written once a week! Please send all new requests to my Tumblr (link in bio!).

  • The 1975 Imagines
    75.8K 684 41

    THANK YOU FOR 60k READS xxx I've worked so hard in this book and it's been through a lot. I'm so happy to be back and i'm always open to hearing requests and suggestions. thank you so much and enjoy these works about the best band in the world xxx

  • The 1975 imagines
    21K 225 10

    Some imagines I wrote. NOTE:FOR ALL RACES. I will write to where any race can read and can actually imagine it cos everyone deserves the full Shitty experience I have for you all.!! (Just kidding, I really hope it isn't shit)

  • The 1975 Imagines
    290K 4.5K 112

    Idk really,I'm pretty bored and there literally isn't a lot of blurb/imagine things so yea,I do take requests and ect so please don't be afraid to comment or DM me

  • The 1975 imagines/oneshots /sketches
    43.4K 508 65

    These are a bunch of imagines, oneshots and sketches for the1975. Some will be cute and fluffy, some will be smut and others will be angsty. Requests are also open!

  • The Waitress//George Daniel
    59.9K 1K 57

    "Aren't you sick of waiting on people?" "Aren't you sick of bothering people?" Everything was fine before he met her Everything was more fine when he met her Everything was broken when he lost her